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Photographer: Jonas Ingman

The Pilgrim Trail Göta River

Walk between Utby and Vänersborg along the Pilgrim Trail

Hike along the fantastic Pilgrim Trail Göta River which passes Trollhättan and Vänersborg on the way between Santiago de Compostela in Spain and Nidaros in Norway. Here the Pilgrim Trail follows the Göta River along a 140 kilometer long adventure filled with insights and beautiful views between Mastugget in Gothenburg and Vänersborg.


About The Pilgrim Trail Göta River

The Pilgrim Trail Göta River starts from Masthuggskyrkan in Gothenburg, passing by Nylöse Church and Lärjeån creek and Vättlefjäll nature reserve to Ale municipality's forests and rural idyll and the historical center of Lödöse. Then at the town of Lilla Edet you cross the Göta River and continue up to the charming town of Hjärtum. After you pass Utby you enter the troll forest that leads all the way to Trollhättan and Vänersborg where the Pilgrim Trail continues towards the Dalsland area. 

Trollhättan and Vänersborg makes up the two final stages of The Pilgrim Trail Göta River before it continues in The Pilgrim Trail Dalsland. Here you can see a combined digital map of the trail between Utby-Vänersborg (Google Maps).

Utby - Trollhättan

Discover the mighty troll forest together with fantastic views as you hike between Utby and Trollhättan. This part of the trail starts and ends at Utby Vestens Byalag building and at Trollhättan's Church. On the way you pass Åkersström and Åkersberg nature reserves, the Trollhättan locks area and walk along the Trollhätte Canal. 

This stage is about 22 kilometers long and is estimated to take between 4-7 hours to walk and is of Difficult difficulty. Remember to bring water and a lunch bag. 

Read more about this part of the trail and download a map here

Trollhättan - Vänersborg

Walk along the Kärleksstigen path (The Trail of Love) between the cities of Trollhättan and Vänersborg which runs along the Göta River from central Trollhättan, past the shopping center Överby to the canal Karl's grav. From there you will continue over the lock at Brinkebergskulle and walk on the north side of the canal all the way up to central Vänersborg.

This stage is about 14 kilometers long and is estimated to take a between 3-5 hours to walk and is of Easy difficulty.

You can read more about this path of the trail and download a map here

The Pilgrim Trail Dalsland

When you have passed Vänersborg, you have left the Pilgrim Trail Göta River and continue on the Pilgrim Trail Dalsland, which is a total of 100 kilometers long. This part of the Pilgrim Trail goes from Vänersborg along Lake Vänern towards Sikhall camping area, then inland past several beautiful towns such as Mellerud and Håverud to Edelskog.  

Read more about the Pilgrim Trail Dalsland here





This project has been made possible in cooperation with the EU and Leader Längs Göta Älv.

Read more about the project here