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Photographer: Joachim Nywall

Boat trip on the Göta river

Explore the Göta river on the boat M/S Elfkungen

Take a relaxing trip along the Göta river and it's beautiful scenery and see Trollhättan from the river. During the summer month's, the ship M/S Elfkungen makes trips along the river every day. You can also book the boat for group trips. A really interesting trip for boat and nature enthusiasts.


Welcome aboard M/S Elfkungen

M/S Elfkungen is one of Sweden's oldest and best-preserved archipelago ships and was  built in 1875. During the summer months two tours are organized, the daily Trollhätteturen (Trollhättan tour), which offers a trip along Trollhätte Canal, including travel in the Brinkebergskulle locks by Vänersborg and back. The second trip is the Lilla Edet tour that is arranged at specific dates and takes you through the locks in Trollhättan along the beautiful Göta river down to the town Lilla Edet and back. 

Cafeteria on board that serves lunch, coffee, soft drinks and sandwiches. Wine, beer and other beverages are sold at sea prices. 

Payment by cash or card accepted.

Tours 2023

Trollhätteturen - daily tours between June 25th to August 19th
The Trollhätte Tour is a two and a half to three hours long trip along the Trollhätte Canal that also includes a trip in the Brinkebergskulle locks outside of Vänersborg and back. 
Start from the Trollhättan Locks area at 12:00
Start from Strandgatan behind Scandic Swania at about 12.20
Ticket prices: Adult 270 SEK. Children under 15 years 100 SEK. 
Tickets are sold onboard. You don't need to pre-book. 

Lilla Edet Tour - tours on May 28th, June 4th, June 11th, June 18th, August 20th, August 27th and September 3rd
Take a trip down the Göta river to the little town of Lilla Edet and back. On the way you will be travelling the Trollhättan locks and get a great view of the Göta River that goes from Gothenburg all the way to Lake Vänern. The Trollhättan Locks have a total height of 32,4 meters. 
Start from the Trollhättan Locks area at 11:00
Back in Trollhättan at around 15:30.
Ticket prices: Adult 420 SEK. Children under 15 years 200 SEK.
Please observe that you have to pre-book your tickets by phone to +4670-634 20 45

Shrimp cruises - Thursdays between June 8th to August 31st
Shrimps are served with sides such as butter, bread, aioli and salad. The shrimps are of course MSC labeled - for sustainable and controlled fishing. 
Start from Trollhättan Locks area at 18:00
Back at around 21:00
Ticket prices: 495 SEK.
Please observe that you have to pre-book your tickets by phone to +4670-634 20 45. You must pre-book your ticket before 15:00 (3 p.m.) on the day before the trip at the latest.

Group Travel and Charter

Weddings - Birthdays - Company Holiday - Customer Meetings - Secret Trip. The ship company Rederi AB Strömkarlen that owns M/S Elfkungen offers group trips and charter and the ship can be hired when the tours does not prevent it during April - December. Experience a day or evening excursion along Göta river with good food.  

Contact information

Rederi AB Strömkarlen


Phone: +46 070 634 20 45

E-mail: info@stromkarlen.se

Website: stromkarlen.se/