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Welcome to Trollhätte Canalpark

From Vårvik in the north to the locks in the south

Trollhätte Canalpark in Trollhättan follows the waters of Göta river from the Vårvik area, past Trollhättan's Stadspark, along Spikön island and Strandgatan street, through the Waterfall area and Älvrummet nature reserve down to the fantastic Locks area.

Trollhätte Canalpark offers its guests a wide range of attractions and activities suitable for all ages.

The Waterfall Area

Perhaps Trollhättan's most powerful place, the Trollhättan waterfall, which offers a magnificent spectacle when the gates open and 300 000 liters of water per second rush down the falls at specific times. But there is so much more to see here.

The Locks Area

Discover three generations of lock stairs surrounded by beautiful parkland in Trollhättan's Lock area. Regardless of whether you come here on land or by boat, there is a lot to experience.

Innovatum District

Welcome to a place of innovation and the joy of discovery. The Innovatum District is a place for the whole family to both have fun and learn something new together. Don't miss the Innovatum Science Center or the Saab Car Museum.

Älvrummet nature area

The nature reserve that connects the Waterfall area and the Locks area not only offers beautiful walks along the waters of the Göta River, but also magnificent views, good fishing waters and a lovely, themed playground.

Strandgatan street and the city center

Enjoy a walk along Strandgatan which runs along the Trollhätte canal, enjoy good food and drink and then discover central Trollhättan. Go shopping, go to the theater, visit the Walk of Fame and much more.


The green oasis of Spikön, surrounded by the water of the Göta River, is the favorite place of many residents. Say hello to Skrotnisse at the playground, have an ice cream and enjoy beautiful nature by the water just a short walk from the city center.


The newest addition to Trollhättan on the west side of the river offers fun and relaxing adventures for the family. Meet the animals at Vårvik farm, have fun at the skate and activity park and much more.

Trollhättan's Stadspark

Trollhättan's Stadspark (Trollhättan City Park) welcomes its guests with open arms and a pleasant atmosphere near the center. Dance, take a nice walk, play at the themed playground and other fun activities awaits.



More to experience




The Playground Town of Trollhättan

Discover Trollhättan's exciting themed playgrounds. Visit Roy and Roger's gas station, meet Skrotnisse and his friends, taste pretend ice cream, travel to space, play with the whale at Insikten and visit the funfair.