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The Activity Park at Restad gård

Visit our green and great activity park

There have been beautifully landscaped gardens and a park at Restad for a long time. As part of the development of the area, an activity park has now been created around the old buildings and lovely surroundings, to the delight of the residents as well as visitors.

The large, spacious activity park is surrounded by beautiful nature, and you can choose which activities suit you.

Disc golf/frisbee golf 
The park has a 4-star disc golf course with a total of 18 holes. It is free to play with your own frisbee, but it is also possible to rent a frisbee on-site from Hotell Hehrne.

Volleyball, boule and soccer
You can practice several different sports activities on the site. There are two soccer fields, areas for boule and a volleyball court. Pick and choose!

Work out
There are three kilometers of running tracks along the beautiful nature, and there is also an outdoor gym available. 

Why not try your luck fishing in Göta Älv?  

Barbeque spots
In the area, there are several barbeque and picnic spots. Maybe you caught some fish and want to cook it right on-site? 

More to discover in the area
The Activity park lies hand in hand with the 50-hectare Sculpture Park. Come and get inspired by all the colorful sculptures by internationally recognized artists. Or why not combine the visit with a historical walk around the buildings that once made up Restad Hospital?

Contact information

Aktivitetsparken Restad gård

Dr Hehrnes väg 1

46254 Vänersborg

Phone: +46 521 699 65

E-mail: boka@hotellhehrne.se