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The Church of Sweden - Trollhättan

Trollhättan, Götalunden and Lextorp parishes

The Church of Sweden in Trollhättan pastorate consists of three parishes - Trollhättan, Götalunden and Lextorp. The pastorate forms the central parts of Trollhättan and the countryside west of the city.

The Swedish Church in Trollhättan makes up the central part of the city and the countryside to the west of Trollhättan. In Trollhättan's pastorate there are four churches - Trollhättan's church, Skogshöjden's church, Götalund's church and Lextorp's church. Here is also the Church House in the center of Trollhättan.

Trollhättan's church

Trollhättan's church is beautifully located by the water near the famous Trollhätte Falls and Göta River. The church was a gift from Nya Trollhätte Kanalbolag and was inaugurated in 1862. The church is built in neo-Gothic style and the tower of the church is 40 meters high including the cross.

Over the years, the church has undergone several restorations. In 1962, the colored windows were added, designed and made by the artist Ralph Bergholz. In 1983-1984 the church got its current interior with, among other things, completel new coloring and partly new lighting. The church also got a new cloakroom, accessible toilet and new entry to the stand.

In 2009-2010 the windows were painted, the bricks got new joints and the nave got a new copper roof. In 2021, the latest renovation was completed with new plaster and painting inside, new altar table, new ambo, an extra new baptismal font, new place for the coir at the front of the church and renovation of the kitchen and new toilets. 

After the renovation, the church is now more accessible.

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Skogshöjden's church

Skogshöjden's church is located west of Göta älv near NÄL (Northern Älvsborg County Hospital). The church was inaugurated in August 1990 and is built on two levels.

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Götalunden's Church

Götalunden's kyrka is located on 15 B Idrottsvägen street in Trollhättan near Trollhättan's Travel Center and city center. The church was completed in 1958 but was newly renovated and was reopened in 2015.

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Lextorp Church

Lextorp Church is located in the area of Lextorp in the southern part of Trollhättan. The church was inagurated in 1973 with the belfry by Bishop Helge Brattgård, who named the church the most beautiful church in Skara Diocese. Lextorp Church is built on an old meeting place and there is a large stone in the church courtyard with a recess on the top. According to experts, it served as a sacrificial stone during the Bronze Age.

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The Church House

The Church House is located near the Drottningtorget Square in Trollhättan and is the congregation's joint office for the three parishes. Here, some of the choirs within the Church of Sweden in Trollhättan practice. Bible discussion groups and several other activities are also held in the house such as moments of remembrance after funerals, christening coffee and more. Premises are also rented out to other organizations.

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Gärsviken - Course -and camp area

Next to the lake Öresjö in the west part of the city is Gräsviken located. Since the camp yard is located next to the water and beautiful nature a lot of camps are placed here. With canoes, soccer fields, sauna and beach you find a lot of opportunities and activities here. Most important it is a place for meeting new people and new experiences. During the summer the café is open as well.  

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