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Biking at Källebacka

Photographer: Jonas Ingman

Visit the Estates

The novel serie Estates Around the Lake written by Birgit Th. Sparre is famous still today. Here you will find information for your trip around the lake. With both car and bike, the route is about 70 kilometers in total.

Photographer: Hemma på Källebacka

Open Estates

To be aware of is that many of the estates are privatly owned och shall therefore be respected. The estates which are open for the public to visit are Hofsnäs, Torpa and Home at Källebacka (located in the barn). Hofsnäs Herrgård has café and bistro and also a farm shop ("saluhall") with locally produced products. Torpa Stenhus has a café and guided tours in the Middle Age building from the 15th century. The first guided tour at 11 o'clock is usually in english. Hofsnäs and Torpa are open every day in the summer. Home at Källebacka has their cosy café, farm shop and garden open during the weekends in the summer. 

To see the opening hours for every estate we recommend you to visit respective estates website. The opening hours shifts depending on what time of the year it is. For more interesting stops for your trip, see the brochure. For example there is a beautiful viewpoint called Rude Kulle on the west side of the lake to visit on your way back.

Photographer: Jonas Ingman / Torpa Stenhus

Discover by car

In tourist tempo it takes about 1,5 hour effective driving. Add time depending for how long you want to stay at the estates. Start your route in Ulricehamn and drive south along road 157. South of centrum you will pass Skottek where Sten Sture was shot on the ice of Åsunden year 1520. You drive with views over the lake until you arrive to Marbäck where you shift back to road 157 again. Drive towards Vegby and follow the signs further to the estates. Between Hofsnäs and Torpa you will drive through Torpa Nature Reserve. Drive carefully on the narrow roads. The whole route is asphalted except south of Vegby around Finnekumla. At Ulricehamn's Tourist Office you can get a map, a brochure and more information for your trip.

Photographer: ulricehamnsturistbyra.se

Cycle through history

Here you will find a map for the cycling route. Recommended start point is in Ulricehamn. Next to the route at Bryggan there are free parking on the big gravel area. If you do not have your bike you can rent one at Bryggan or from another local actor. You start at a former railway track down to Vegby. With a beautiful lake view over Åsunden you have 14 kilometers down to Vegby. Close to Marbäck you will pass Korpebobergs Nature Reserve. Well arrived in Vegby you can either join the recommended route for car or continue your way alongside the cycle track Ätradalsleden down to Månstad and therefrom follow the signs to the estates. This means some extra kilometers, but a stunning path alongside the lake Sämsjön.

The route is a part of Åsunden Runt which goes around the lake. If you do not want to cycle the whole route in one day, you can spend a night or more at one of the accommodations alongside the route. There are also packages with accommodation and activities available. 

More information

At our website you can find more information about the Estates Around the Lake and Birgit Th. Sparre. For questions or more inspiration contact Ulricehamn's Tourist Office. Call +46 321 595959 or send an email to turist@nuab.eu

For booking of a private guided tour, please contact Ulricehamn's Guide Association or the tourist office.