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Great family camping in Bohuslän

There are lots of advantages to family camping adventures in Bohuslän. No-worries accommodation, plenty of time to socialise and a huge range of activities to start with!

Campsites and resorts in Bohuslän do everything to make holidays really easy for parents. Smart solutions for accommodation, a wide range of activities and high safety standards are just a few of the reasons why family camping is so great in Bohuslän. 

A campsite is a bit like a huge play area, where you can let the kids play to their hearts’ content without having to worry what they’re up to. There are plenty of grass areas and rocky parts, with lots of playgrounds in between. Almost all campsites are enclosed by fences and all cars in the area are driven at very low speeds. 

"Hi - do you want to play?"

Children are fantastic. While we adults hate getting into a lift with a stranger and look in the other direction to avoid chatting at a bus stop, kids do just the opposite. They’re open to new friendships without thinking twice, so it won’t take long before your children find others to play with at the campsite playground. Camping is also a good opportunity to bring the family closer together, either on an excursion, a day's fishing for crabs off the rocks, the annual mini-golf competition or around an evening board game in the cabin. 

Photographer: Roger Borgelid

You choose where you stay...

We’re all different. Some families think that a caravan is perfect - everything is in one place, you don’t need to pack the car to the roof and it’s easy to stop for a quick snack or a pee. Others find it a little too compact, or just don’t feel relaxed driving (and reversing) a caravan. Staying in a cabin suits them better, where there is more space and often several separate rooms. It is easy to prepare meals together and you generally have all the luxuries you have at home: fridge, cooker, coffee maker and WiFi. Even a dishwasher and washing machine are sometimes included. The difference is that there are no piles of bills or little yellow notes on the fridge with all the chores that must be done. 

Of course, you’re not limited to staying in a caravan or a cabin - here are some more tips: Staying on campsites in 2019 

…but leave your worries and silver cutlery at home!

Just as a campsite is closer to nature and more open than other accommodation, things are less formal too. It is not like you go in for fine dining in a campsite restaurant in the same way as you might at a hotel. There are generally many families that stay on campsites, and the happy noise of children is often part of the atmosphere. This means that parents with small children can feel more relaxed. 

For large families used to ferrying children from one activity after the other, holidays should give a break from the normal hustle and bustle. If you stay at the same campsite for the whole of your trip, it gives you more time to unwind and becomes a secure, familiar area for the children. It’s easy to make day trips if you want a change of scene from time to time. Try island hopping on a boat, for example. 

Photographer: Roger Borgelid

And what a huge play area

Some campsites have an unbelievable range of activities these days, from pool areas, climbing walls and adventure playgrounds with zipwires to large green areas for ball sports and sometimes entire amusement parks. As well as all the playgrounds and activities onsite, Bohuslän has any number of adventures and outings to tempt you outdoors . In fact it has almost everything, including:

  • Kosterhavet - Sweden's only marine national park with about 12,000 animal and plant species, half below the surface and half on the land. A good introduction is a visit to naturum Kosterhavet.

  • Nordens Ark is an animal park as well as a zoological conservation park, and has wild animals as well as domestic species.

  • The Bohuslän Museum takes you on an inspiring journey through time and space, with music evenings and theme days to complement the exciting exhibitions.

  • Havets Hus in Lysekil has about 40 different aquariums, ranging from the small one where you can touch starfish and hermit crabs to the huge tunnel aquarium, where sharks and rays swim just over your head. (Re-opening after renovation work on 20 June 2019)

    Photographer: Andreas Olsson

  • Vitlycke Museum and the rock carvings at Tanum are part of the world heritage, and offer a fascinating insight into local history.

  • The whole family can try out the playful life as an artist at the beautiful Nordic Watercolour Museum in Skärhamn.

  • There are many adventures and experiences in the countryside that are child-friendly and fun for the whole family. There are footpaths at all levels of difficulty, many different ways of getting out to sea - rent a kayak, canoe or a boat together with some snorkelling gear and fishing tackle. 

Last but not least, camping is an affordable holiday option which means that your budget can include exciting day trips and unforgettable memories for the children. 

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