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Photographer: Roger Borgelid

Spend a weekend camping with your friends in Bohuslän

Time to escape with a group of friends for the weekend? Bohuslän campsites offer cabins deluxe! Walk among the smooth rocks on the west coast, go kayaking, cook and eat together, enjoy salty dips in the sea and a sauna in the evening.

Birthday party, stag or hen party, or a relaxed weekend without the children? Sometimes it’s nice to get away for a girls’ weekend or catch up with your mates from military service. Book a cosy cabin on one of Bohuslän's campsites or resorts, and make it happen! 

Cosy cabins deluxe

It’s easy to get a relaxed atmosphere in a cabin, where you can cook and eat together, have a nice drink, play games or just catch up on the news without any interruptions. Cabins are also really practical, with smart interior designs that include everything you need. Like a house in small format, they have free parking, comfortable beds, seating arrangements, shower and toilet, a kitchen with a cooker, fridge and coffee maker. 

Many campsites these days also offer really luxurious and spacious hotel cabins, which have all the modern amenities you are used to at home such as TV, dishwasher and WiFi. You can also arrange for the beds to be made when you arrive and the cleaning done after you leave. 

Relax with sparkling wine in the hot tub ...

Who says that you can only treat yourself to a relaxing spa experience at a proper spa? As well as swimming off the rocks and beaches, most campsites also have hot tubs, jacuzzis and saunas. You can, in other words, relax in a hot tub even outside the summer season. Enjoy a well-chilled beer or a glass of sparkling wine and discuss all the fine things in life that you don’t always find the time for. 

Photographer: Jonas Ingman @ Bruksbild

…or relive your childhood!

One of the best reasons for getting away with a group of friends over the weekend is to have time to do all those things you used to do together. When else can you find that time in your everyday life? So chill, and reconnect with your younger self! Campsites can be great play areas for adults, too -  think adventure golf competitions, exploring the archipelago in kayaks, seafood safaris

Photographer: Lukasz Warzecha

Unlike hotels

There are many benefits to staying in a cabin compared with a hotel: the biggest two are cooking meals together and being near the great outdoors. Instead of staying on the seventh floor of a concrete colossus where your door opens onto a narrow corridor, you have the sea on your doorstep and the countryside is literally just around the corner. Many of the cabins in Bohuslän also have fantastic views of the sea and rocks, which is not so strange considering that campers have chosen these locations. Read more about the history of Swedish camping traditions here. 

Photographer: Jonas Ingman

Discover the beautiful west coast

Bohuslän has a wide variety of countryside, including flat rock landscapes that adorn almost the whole coast as well as forests and agricultural land. There are several regional footpaths that pass through the area, but also plenty of local paths, cycle paths and running tracks just outside the campsites. 

If you want to see more of the west coast, a boat tour is highly recommended to access the lovely islands and coastal communities in Bohuslän. Cycling and walking are great combinations with island-hopping. Island hopping is something you can do all year round, although there are more ferry companies operating over the summer. 

Take a trip to one of the many sights and popular places in the area - here are some tips: 

  • Kosterhavet is Sweden's only marine national park and boasts about 12,000 animal and plant species, half below the surface and half on the land. Naturum Kosterhavet is a good place to start your excursion.

  • You have a lot to discover at Nordens Ark, because it is both an animal park and a zoological conservation park. See the markhor (screw horn goats), natterjack toads, three species of leopard and Siberian tigers (the largest cats in the world!).

  • Bohuslän museum takes you on an inspiring journey through time and space, with music evenings and theme days to complement the exciting exhibitions. Check out the museum's website to see what’s on at the moment.

  • Havets Hus in Lysekil is a must for everyone; adults as well as children always marvel at the huge tunnel aquarium, where sharks and rays swim just above your head.

  • Everyone should see Vitlycke Museum and the historic rock carvings at Tanum at least once in their life. This world heritage site has about 600 different locations with unique rock carvings.

  • The Nordic Watercolour Museum in Skärhamn has one of the most beautiful locations on the coast, right next to the sea. Try creating your own watercolour paintings as a fun group activity.

  • Play a round of golf at one of the challenging courses in Bohuslän. 

  • Visit one of Bohuslän’s small fishing villages and islands. If you want to avoid the summer crowds, come visit in spring or autumn when there’s a lovely stillness in the air. 


Do you want to do something a little different? Try out glamping in a luxurious safari tent, complete with a kitchen, toilet and proper beds - for those who like the idea of camping but are still a bit reluctant. Read more about the different types of accommodation that various campsites offer. 

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Who says that you can only treat yourself to a relaxing spa experience at a proper spa?