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Expedition Bohuslän - Adventures for curious

Welcome to Bohuslän!

Did you know that some snow leopards eat frozen treats on Tuesdays? That sharks sink if they stop swimming? Or that Grace Kelly owned jumpers from Bohus Stickning?

Nordens Ark

HUNNEBOSTRAND. Nordens Ark is a zoological park, featuring at-risk species from around the world. Here you can familiarise yourself with the Siberian tiger, snow leopard, Pallas's cat, wolverine and red panda. But there are also animals for petting, such as the Fjäll cattle, Gute sheep and Gotland rabbit.

Vitlycke Museum

TANUMSHEDE. A visit to Vitlycke Museum is like travelling 3,000 years back in time. Its captivating exhibits and unique environments give you a fantastic insight into life in the Bronze Ages. Not to be missed are the thousands of petroglyphs (rock carvings), which are included on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

Nordic Watercolour Museum

SKÄRHAMN. At the Nordic Watercolour Museum, all art is based on water, pigment and paper. You can see excellent exhibitions from around the world, listen to interesting talks and enjoy concerts. All in a magnificent setting – in the middle of the Bohuslän archipelago.

Bohusläns Museum

UDDEVALLA. At Bohusläns museum you can travel through time and space, with its various exhibits and programmes, featuring everything from talks, music nights and theme days with a focus on Bohuslän. Learn more about the history, contemporary art and nature of Bohuslän. Free admission and open 362 days a year.

Kosterhavet National Park

STRÖMSTAD. With some 12,000 plant and animal species, Kosterhavet has more species diversity than any other sea area in Sweden. Here you can discover life both in water and on land. Activities you can do include kayaking, snorkeling, birdwatching and fishing.

Havets Hus

LYSEKIL. Experience a world of blue, green and turqouise. If you want to experience life under the water, Havets Hus is the perfect place. You’ll find the most fascinating species from the sea off the Swedish west coast – from the small-spotted catshark to the grunting grey gurnard. Let’s dive!