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Photographer: Cykla och vandra i Sjuhärad

Hofsnäs Nature Trails
Länghem, Tranemo

2-5 km, easy

Hofsnäs Nature Trails is a walking area near Torpa Stenhus and Hofsnäs Manor in Torpanäset nature reserve. There are several round walks of different lengths to choose, from 1 to 4.8 kilometres.



Quick facts

Length: 4.8 km

Timing: approx. 1.5 hours

Difficulty: easy

Terrain: nature trails and some forestry roads


Easy walking in a lovely nature reserve

Hofsnäs Nature Trails are three easily walked loops between 1 and 4.8 kilometres long. The shortest trail is accessible. They are all found in Torpanäset nature reserve which is characterised by lush landscapes with old oaks and pastures which are grazed during summer, giving the area a lovely character and a rich flora. The endangered and red listed leatherback beetle thrives here. There are several picnic and barbecue areas along the trail.  

Feel the tide of history

If you want to combine your walk with some other activity, there is plenty to choose from in the area. In the nature reserve there’s a lovely swimming area where you can also hire boats and go fishing. At the start of the nature trails, Hofsnäs Manor has a café and bistro, as well as a market hall with a wide and delicious selection of homemade delicacies and dishes inspired by both the season and what local producers have to offer. Their kitchen is certified by A Taste of West Sweden. Hofsnäs also provide comfortable accommodation in the little lakeside cottage, with access to hot tub and sauna.

Just 4 kilometres from Hofsnäs is Torpa Stenhus, one of Sweden’s best preserved 16th century castles, and you can explore its unique architecture and exciting history. There’s also a castle cafe and restaurant, as well as the chance to stay in charming accommodation in the castle grounds.  

Photographer: Jonas Ingman

Fact about the trail


The shortest loop is one kilometre and is completely accessible. There’s also a 2.6 kilometre nature trail and the longest walk is 4.8 kilometres.

Approximate times:

It takes from about 20 to 90 minutes to walk the different trails, not including stops.


The one kilometre loop is an accessible walk, and marked with an ear of wheat. The 2.6 km nature trail is marked with the head of a cow and the longer 4.8 km loop is marked with a leatherback beetle.

Level of difficulty:

All paths are classed as easy as the area is completely flat. Walking is mostly on nature trails with some on forestry roads. The one kilometre walk is accessible, which means you can get along it with prams, walkers or wheelchairs.

Photographer: Cykla och vandra i Sjuhärad

Start and end:

All paths lead from the car park at Hofsnäs in the borough of Tranemo. The Tångenleden and Oxabanan Trails also start here. There’s a large car park where the trails start. If you want to travel on public transport the nearest bus stop is in Länghem, around 5 kilometres from the trails.

How to get here:

The Hofsnäs nature trails are located in the town of Länghem in the borough of Tranemo, about an hour's drive from Gothenburg and Jönköping. If you want to travel by public transport, the nearest stop (Länghem) is 5.5 kilometres away. An alternative if you want to combine both cycling and walking is to travel to Limmared, serviced by both SJ and Västtågen trains. From Limmared you can cycle the approximately 15 kilometres to Hofsnäs Manor mostly along the Sjuhäradsrundan bike trail (car-free asphalted track). From Gothenburg to Limmared it takes about one and a half hours by train and from Borås about 30 minutes by train or bus


There’s a digital map of the trails on Google maps. A printed map can be found in the Tourist Information Centres in Sjuhärad.

Map for printing/download

Contact information

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