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Sigh Edsvidsleden Trail and a person

Photographer: Lina Katana

Discover the area by foot

Leave the car and experience the might Fall and Locks area on foot. Walk along the waters of the Göta River and see history along the way. Stop for something good to eat before visiting one of the area's museums, here all the sights are close to each other. There are also several longer hiking trails to choose from if you want to see even more of the beautiful nature surrounding the waterfall and locks areas.

Walkways in the area

Park your car in the city center, in the Innovatum District or by the locks and discover the area by foot. The Trollhättan waterfalls are only about 1 kilometer from Drottningtoget square, the main square in Trollhättan, the Innovatum District is about 2 kilometers and the locks 2.5 kilometers. This means that you don't have to think about parking, you can easily reach all popular sights on foot. If you want to walk from the center, we recommend following the Trollhätte canal, all the way from Klaffbron bridge down to the Innovatum District and then the locks. Here is a gravel path that goes along the canal which is both easy and beautiful to follow. If you want to reach Trollhättefallen and Älvrummet, you can instead cross the Klaffbron bridge and then go to the left and you are at the northern end of the Älvrummet area. 

In the area there are plenty of beautiful walking and hiking trails that you can follow, there is a lot to discover and we want to help you. Come to the Tourist Information Center in Trollhättan and we will help you with maps and show you great ways to enjoy the area.

Hiking trails in the area

Edsvidsleden Trail - 14 kilometers
Follow the waters of the Göta River all the way from the waterfalls in the north down through Älvrummet nature reserve to Åkersström nature reserve in the south. Then the trail goes inland and you pass forests filled with blueberries and open meadows. Along the way you will get great views and relaxing nature experiences among untouched nature. 

Read more about Edsvidsleden Trail here.

Trollhättan Canal Walks - 2.5, 5.0 and 7.5 kilometers
Explore the Trollhätte Canal on one of these three walks with different length. Enjoy a shorter walk close to the city center with the Spikörundan walk, a walk along the canal to the Innovatum District and back on Innovatumrundan walk or get the full experience and walk along the whole canal on the Slussrundan walk. The walks not only offer beautiful hiking along the water but you are also passing by many of Trollhättan's most popular sights in the Fall and Locks area. 

Read more about Trollhättan Canal Walks here.

Hike in Älvrummet Nature Reserve
The nature reserve Älvrummet offers many nice hiking trails, both long and short among the beautiful nature surrounding the Göta River. Two popular trails are the Kärlekens Stig (Path of Love) and Träbrostigen (Wooden bridge trail). Kärlekens Stig goes along the waters of the Göta River while Träbrostigen goes more inland among the deep forest of Älvrummet. 

Download a map over Älvrummet here.

Nils Ericsons Walk - 1.5 kilometers
Walk along the Trollhättan locks, one of the most popular destinations in the Trollhättan area. In this unique setting you will get acquainted with three generations of lock systems, created to fit the needs of different generations of ships to make their way past the Trollhättan waterfalls. The walk will take you past important landmarks such as the Canal Museum and the lock systems of 1800, 1844 and 1916. 

Download a digital map here

De Lavals Walk - 1.7 kilometers
Walk along the waterfalls and cliffs on the Göta river's west side. During the summer (read more here) the waterfall gates open and you can follow the water as it flows through the once empty riverbed. The walk will take you past other important landmarks such as the Strömkarlen bridge, Oscar's bridge, the King's Cave and Trollhättan church. 

Download a digital map here

Vilhelm Hansens Walk - 1 kilometer
Walk around the Olidan power station, Sweden's first large hydropower station and it's majestic building situated in a magnificent natural scenery. The walk will take you past the remaining buildings of the NOHAB industry, Olidan hydropowerplant and the exhibit at Energy house Insikten. 

Download a digital map here