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  • Photographer: Roger Lärk

Vilhelm Hansen's Walk

1.1 km, medium

Vilhelm Hansen's walk takes you on a journey of discovery among Swedish industrial history with magnificent natural scenery. You walk around the hydropower station Olidan, Sweden's first major hydropower project and discover the beautiful nature that surrounds the building. There are also several buildings with historical significance to see during your walk.

Quick facts

Length: 1.10 km
Time required: 20 minutes
Difficulty: easy-medium
Terrain: Asphalt surface, two higher stairs or uphill slopes


History and nature at Olidan

Olidan power station is Sweden's oldest hydropower station still in operation. It was completed in 1910 and has been an important building throughout the history of Trollhättan. There are also several other historically important buildings around, all of which are beautifully framed by the nature reserve Älvrummet's nature.

Start the walk outside Energihuset Insikten (Energyhouse Insikten) where during the summer you can take part in Vattenfall's exhibition about its activities and learn more about energy and hydropower. Outside Insikten there is also the popular playground Vattenkraftens playground (The Water Power Playground) with a 15 meter long whale filled with play opportunities.

First go north along Åkersbergsvägen street to the bend by the canal, here you look out over two important buildings in the area: a repair hall built in 1921 and a switchgear that was first built in 1921 and later replaced in 1974. Then turn around and go back along Åkersbergsvägen street and cross the bridge as goes over the intake canal where you can see the Intake Building from 1910. You can then go down the long stairs just to the right or choose another path, see Difficulty a little further down for a description. You then walk past the lower part of Olidan power station with a beautiful view of the Göta River and the nature reserve Älvrummet with the lookout point Kopparklinten.

On the way back, you can again choose between going up the stairs to the right or continuing along the road up Olidevägen street back to Energihuset Insikten. The walk is a total of 1.1 km long.


Who was Vilhelm Hansen?

The walk is named after Fredrik Wilhelm Hansen, born in 1862 who was a Swedish road and water construction engineer. Hansen led the work to complete Olidan's power station and also the construction of the new canal and locks system in Trollhättan, which was inaugurated in 1916 and is still in operation today.

Fact about the trail


Vilhelm Hansen's walk is 1.1 km long.

Approximate times:

It takes about 20 minutes to follow the entire walk.

Level of difficulty:

The walk contains a couple of high stairs that can be avoided if you take a little longer detours. Otherwise mostly flat paved road. The difficulty is easy-medium depending on which path you take.

Staircase 1: The first high staircase is when you follow Åkersbergsvägen street south from Energihuset Insikten. You can avoid the stairs completely if you instead follow Åkersbergsvägen street a little further until Olidevägen street comes on the right side. Go down there instead and you will come down to the parking lot opposite Olidan power station.

Staircase 2: The next staircase is just after Olidan power station which goes up back towards Energihuset Insikten. You can avoid this staircase by instead continuing along Olidevägen street which you walk on until you come to a T-junction with Kraftverksvägen street. Turn right and you will return to Energihuset Insikten where the walk started.

Start and end:

Recommended start is from Energihuset Insikten which is located on 9 Åkersbergsvägen street. There are parking spaces if you come by car.

How to get here:

Energihuset Insikten is located on 9 Åkersbergsvägen street, approximately 1.40 km from Drottningtorget square in central Trollhättan. You can get here by following Torggatan street over Klaffbron brigde, then turn left and follow Åkersbergsvägen street.


A digital map of the walk can be found on Google Maps.

An overview map of Vilhems Hansen's walk and sights along the way can be downloaded here (PDF).

You can also get a physical version of the overview map at Trollhättan's tourist office.

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