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Betty Backs Park -Park of Fame

A place for meetings and relaxation in the middle of the city

A park in the middle of Trollhättan city where you see stars with names of people who made Trollhättan known outside the municipality's borders.

Betty Backs park is a popular gathering place in the middle of the city center. Here you can lay out your blanket and have a picnic, play boule or listen to music events.

Interesting information

The park was completed in 1994. In the neighborhood there used to be a fire station and the Nathanael Church. Betty Back once lived in a small cottage located within the neighborhood. She sold butterscotch to the neighborhood children and was therefore well known in the area. Her cottage is preserved, but has been moved to Forngården.

Park of Fame

In 2007, the Park of Fame was formed in Betty Backs park. Here you can find stars with the names of people who have made Trollhättan known outside the municipality's boundaries. Below you can see some of them:

Anders Eriksson
Revue artist, singer, comedian and one of the members of a humor group called Galenskaparna and After Shave. Perhaps best known as the character Roy in Macken from 1986.

Antenor Nydqvist
One of three founders of the engineering company NOHAB, which played a very large role in Trollhättan's development and is the basis for both Saab and Volvo Aero.

Bertil Antonsson
Wrestler with three World Cup golds, two European Championship golds and 24 Swedish Championship medals. Received Svenska Dagbladet's achievement medal in 1953 for his achievement when he won World Cup gold in Naples the same year.

Claes Eriksson
Director, screenwriter and artist who writes pretty much all the scripts for Galenskaparna and After Shave.

Erik Carlsson
Rally driver, popularly called "Carsson on the roof", and factory driver for Saab who dominated the world rally circus in the 50's and 60's. Three wins in the RAC rally, two wins in Monte Carlo and a win in the Acropolis rally.

Frank Andersson
Wrestler with three World Cup golds and four European Championship golds as a senior. Received Svenska Dagbladet's achievement medal in 1977.

Håkan Mild
Football player with 459 matches under 18 years in IFK Gothenburg, 74 international matches and World Cup bronze 1994 in the USA. Pro in Servette, Real Sociedad and Wimbeldon.

Janne Karlsson
The wrestling legend who became Trollhättan's Athletic Club faithful throughout his sports career. He has reaped great successes, in the medal harvest are two Olympic medals, two World Cup medals, five European Championship medals and 28 Swedish Championship goldmedals.

Jessica Andersson
Schlager queen who had her breakthrough in a Swedish tv-show called Fame Factory. Represented Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest final in 2003 with the group Fame.

Kerstin Granlund
Revue artist, singer, comedian and one of the members of a humor group called Galenskaparna and After Shave. As the only woman in Galenskaparna, she has portrayed a long list of popular characters.

Laila Westersund
She was called "Yrvädret från Trollhättan" which means that she was a very lively person. Singer and artist who broke through in 1961 by singing "April, April". Worked a lot with Hagge Geigert and was a popular artist in the folk parks.

Nils Ericson
He is the man behind Trollhättan's Kanalverk. He also made the city plan for central Trollhättan.

Olle Bengtsson
In Trollhättan he was more known as "Skofteby-Bengtsson" and is one of the country's most prominent boxers. He won 100 of 120 matches as an amateur and became a professional boxer in the autumn of 1948 and won 23 of 25 matches. A Swedish champion and countryman.

Oskar Olsson
As the founder of Trollhätteglass (Trollhätte ice cream) in 1933 he became known as "Ice cream-Oskar" with the whole of Trollhättan. The ice cream called "88:an" is a remnant of Trollhätteglass.

Peter LeMarc
Musician who got his breakthrough with the album "Peter LeMarc" in 1987. He has received the Grammy award several times and often emphasizes the places where he grew up in Trollhättan in his lyrics.

This is a complement to Storgatan's "Walk of Fame", read more about this by clicking here!

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