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Trollhättan's housing company

AB Eidar Bostadsbolag is Trollhättan's housing company that rents out homes and business premises in and around central Trollhättan.

About AB Eidar

Eidar is owned by the city of Trollhättan and rents out just over 6,000 rental apartments throughout Trollhättan and offers rooms and kitchens for all tastes. In addition to apartments, Eidar also offers business premises and also manages special housing for the elderly, plus a number of schools and preschools.

For you who are looking for an apartment or student apartment

Here you will find accommodation throughout Trollhättan, both centrally and around the center. In total there are apartments in 15 different areas. For those looking for student housing, Eidar manages almost 400 student apartment units. Trollhättan is one of the few cities in Sweden that lives up to the housing guarantee for students. For you who are a student and looking for an apartment, read more here.

Collect queue points

If you are looking for an apartment, you must register for Eidar's queuing system, where you will receive a new point for each day you stand in line. When you are offered an apartment that matches your wishes, the points are compared with others who are interested in the same apartment. Those with the highest score are offered a viewing and then a rental contract is offered in turn.

For you who are looking for premises

In addition to rental apartments, Eidar manages around 200 premises for shops and companies around Trollhättan. It offers downtown properties with attractive premises for everything from shops to offices.  If you are looking for premises for your company, visit Eidar's website.

Contact information

AB Eidar

Lantmannavägen 92

461 63 Trollhättan

Phone: +46 0520 877 00

E-mail: info@eidar.se

Website: eidar.se/