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Parking in Trollhättan

Overview of public parking spaces in Trollhättan city center

Trollhättan offers good parking facilities in the central city along streets and on some larger parking areas.


Parking garages

In central Trollhättan there are three parking garages. Merkurius - located between Storgatan and Österlånggatan is open every day around the clock. The Oden shopping center has a parking garage on Drottninggatan and there is a smaller parking garage on Kungsgatan 48. 

Long-term parking

In the parking areas north and south of the train station, vehicles can be parked for up to 14 consecutive days. The fee is 5 SEK per hour or 20 SEK per day. At Folkets Park in the northern part of the city, close by the train station you can park for up to 7 consecutive days. The first four hours are free, then the fee is 5 SEK per hour or 20 SEK per day. 

Parking in centrum

From the summer of 2023, p-discs will no longer apply on the streets in Trollhättan's city centre. Instead, you must use a parking ticket, either from a ticket machine or electronic ticket in app or SMS (currently EasyPark). The free time is now two hours, after that you must leave room for other visitors.

Ticket machines for two hours of free parking are available at the intersections Storgatan/Föreningsgatan, Österlånggatan/Spannmålsgatan and Trollgatan/Kungsgatan.

Here you can download a map of public parking spaces in central Trollhättan. 

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