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List of types of accommodation

Not sure what modern camping life is like? Check out the list and discover new ways of camping, from spectacular theme cabins to exotic safari tents!

Nothing wrong with a tent annex and bunk beds, but camping can be so much more fun. Check out the list of different ways of camping, from classic caravans to luxury safari tents. 


The most traditional form of camping is the caravan. It’s like a compact second home - a place where you have everything you need, but you can leave it put if you want to make day trips with the car. Not the most spacious accommodation, but things change fast. Modern caravans have more gadgets and smart solutions than Q can give to James Bond. 

Most campsites have pitches reserved for season guests - those who set up their caravan for the whole or parts of the season. Season pitches are often passed down through several generations in the same family. 


If you feel that getting a caravan is a bit too much to take on, then maybe a cabin is better for you. Cabins are available in several different sizes to suit holiday makers on their own, families or groups of adults. They have smart interiors with everything you need - like a house in fact, but in miniature. Free parking spaces, comfortable beds, shower and toilet, fridge, coffee maker and dishwasher are some of the home comforts they provide. Unlike a hotel room, there is always somewhere to sit - either inside the cabin or out on your own deck. Perfect for those who want to spend time together. Many of these cabins in Bohuslän have fantastic views of the sea and coast. 

Now maybe you’re thinking: "Wait, last time I stayed in a cabin I could feel the wooden slats through the thin mattress in the bunk bed and we only had one hotplate." Hmm, was that possibly at the same time as the modem gave up, the children's Tamagotchi was on the brink of starvation and you lay awake at nights wondering if Doctor Who would ever end...?

You get the idea. Things have changed - cabins are not the same as they were a few decades ago. 

Hotel cabin

A hotel cabin has all the mod cons you are used to at home, like TV, dishwasher, washing machine and WiFi. The extra value in a hotel cabin is that it’s already bedded when you arrive and the final cleaning is included. So instead of staying on the seventh floor of a concrete colossus where your door opens onto a narrow corridor, you have the sea on your doorstep and the countryside is literally just around the corner. The next time you consider a night or two away, try a hotel cabin on a campsite with character. 

Classic tent

Freedom! That’s what many would say if you ask them why they want to stay in a tent. Not so many would say that they want the chance of digging a moat in a night-time deluge, even if that happens once in a while. A tent is usually a great experience though, and one of the best forms of accommodation if you want to get really close to nature. Or as some say: “You never regret a night in a tent". 

Luxury tent

Did you know that you can stay in a tipi or a luxury safari tent in some camping sites? For those who like the idea of camping but are still a bit reluctant. These tents often have a kitchen, proper beds, shower and toilet. This style of camping is called glamping, meaning glamour camping. Have you tried out glamping yet? 


All in one is what motorhomes, are all about. Special motorhome pitches are becoming increasingly common on campsites, and are adapted to the needs of such vehicles. A private patio, access to water, waste water drain, electricity and so on are all there for motorhome owners. 

There are often heated discussions between those who prefer caravans and those who prefer motorhomes. Those who prefer motorhomes like the idea of having everything in one place, whereas leaving the caravan behind and taking the car is claimed to be far more flexible by others. 


It is not unusual for modern campsites to have hostel accommodation too. Hostels generally have simpler and therefore cheaper standards, with shared showers, toilets and kitchens. 

As you’ve probably noticed by now, there’s a lot of variation in the term "camping accommodation". What are your preferences?

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