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Photographer: Christiane Dietz

The Snäcke tour with canoe

Go canoeing in the southern part of Dalsland's canal through Snäckekanal. The tour takes you into the lakes Ånimmen and Ärr, past the mountains of Sörknatten's and up to Fröskog / Fengersfors. An area full of creativity and history.

The Snäcke tour - canoe

Rent a canoe and paddle through Snäcke canal which is located in the southern part of the Dalsland canal. Stay at a campsite, cozy B&Bs and enjoy nature.

Distance from Håverud to Fröskog: about 30 km.

Recommended travel time: 3-5 days. Depending on weather, canoe / kayak and experience.

Number of lock stations: 3 (Upperud, Snäcke & Strömmen)

Number of campsites:

Here you can rent a canoe:
The aqueduct shop in Håverud
Upperud 9:9

Price from SEK 250


Digital map

Campsites, attractions, services & accommodation

Price for the Snäcke tour by canoe 
3 locks in one return ticket

<5,95 m 250 kr 
> 6 m 890 kr  

Start your tour at the aqueduct shop in Håverud or Upperud 9:9, both of which offer canoe rental. Take the opportunity to eat something nice before you start in one of the restaurants. Go through the lock in Upperud. Make a stop at Dalsland Art Museum. After that, enjoy the lakes and nature all the way to Fröskog. 

At the end of Snäcke canal you will find Fröskog and the nice B&B:s - Villa Weidling and Nordic Refuge. The area offers nice hiking trails, a charming baroque church and about 2.5 km away - Fengersfors mill and Not Quite. Fengersfors mill with its cultural center and many activities is one of Dalsland's most popular places to visit, with art, culture and good food.

Equipment, packing and tips for the canoe trip