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Hike on Baldersnäs

Photographer: Åsa Carlsson

Good hotel accommodation along our trails

According to swedish newspaper queen Amelia Adamo, the new way of socializing is pleasure walking. She has also published a book on the subject. How do you do it, you might wonder.

Well, the key is to choose the right length for the day-stages, to not carry heavy bags, and to indulge in well-prepared local food instead of freeze-dried, and to add a portion of culture to spice up the nature experience. If you also add a newly made hotel bed, a gang of happy friends and lip gloss, then the recipe is complete.

In Dalsland it is never far between a hotel bed and hiking trail

Kroppefjäll B&B

 Dals Rostock
Kroppefjäll is a beautiful area with a lot of hiking trails in Kroppefjäll


Camping site by the lake with nice cabins surrounded by Kroppefjäll

Upperud 9:9

Unique boutique hotel right on the Pilgrim Trail. Close to art museum and Dalsland Center. 

Baldersnäs Mansion

 Dals Långed
Excellent food, beautiful environment and nice walks in the nature reserve Baldernäs

Villa Weidling B&B

A cozy house with the trails "Hiking in Ronja land" just outside. 


Vita huset at Stora Le

 Nössemark, Dals Ed
Stay at B&B by the lake not far from Tresticklan National Park.


Nordic Refuge

An old school that has become a B&B. Close to the Hiking in Ronjaland trails.


Swedish Country Living

Architecturally designed Hermit Cottages close to Pilgrimsleden och Sörknatten

Hotell Dalsland

 Dals Ed
Comfortable apartment hotel in Dals Ed. An obvious base for exploring Tresticklan National Park.

Håveruds Hotell

Lakeside hotel next to the Pilgrim Trail. Close to Dalsland Center and the aqueduct.

First Hotel

With Bengtsfors as your starting point, you reach beautiful trails such as Brända Bergen, Lysetjärnsleden and Egersknatten

Edsleskogs Wärdshus

A nice family hotel on lake Edslan, next to the Pilgrim Trail, Storspåret and Baljåsen.

B&B Idala

Close to the Pilgrim Trail where the asphalt turns into a forest road, is this tough B&B and HikingLodge.

More to choose from

It is never far to a nice hiking trail in Dalsland and there are many nice accommodations to choose from.