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Paddle in the lakes of Dalsland

Photographer: HENRIK TRYGG

Canoe or kayak - what should I choose?

What is the difference between kayaking and canoeing? And which one should you choose? It often depends on what kind of experience you are looking for. If you want to paddle long or short. Here is a small overview of the different types of canoes.

The canoe, or Canadian as it is also called, is open from the bow to the stern. You paddle with a single-blade paddle with a T-shaped handle. In a canoe, you sit on a raised seat or paddle on your knees. Canadians are best suited for two people (C2). There are also three-man Canadian (C3) that has an extra seat in the middle, that also works for two smaller children.

  • Easier to get in and out
  • You have more room for larger packing
  • You sit higher up and get a better overview

Photographer: Christiane Dietz

The kayak is covered and has a cockpit with a seat in the middle. The kayak is paddled from a sitting position with the feet forward while paddling. A kayak is performed with a longer paddle with two blades, one at each end. Usually there are One-man kayaks (K1) or Two-man kayaks (K2) for rent, it is also possible to paddle with a child in some double kayaks.

  • Can handle more wind and waves
  • More speed
  • Suitable for long trips
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Moves faster around the lake
  • You sit drier and more comfortable / more protected

Photographer: HENRIK TRYGG

There are many factors to consider when choosing between canoeing and kayaking.

  • How far dio I want to paddle?
  • Do I have children with me?
  • Is it windy?
  • What body type do I have?

Photographer: Roger Borgelid

Consult the local canoe renting businesses
They can help you choose which boat suits you and your needs best. If you are going on a day trip with the children, perhaps a Canadian is best suited. If you want to go a little further on one of the larger lakes, kayaking may be the right choice. The people who rent you the canoes and kayaks have a lot of experice and are very good at choosing the best paddling for you and your group.

Want to know more about canoeing in Dalsland?

Do you long for beautiful canoe trips? Dalsland feels like it is made for canoeing. With its large lake system and beautiful nature, you can be out for weeks. Find great package tours, canoe rentals and more information.