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Art and Museum guide

Come to Trollhättan and Vänersborg and experience the local history and art with us. Feel the wings of history when you visit Vänersborg's museum, take part in exciting car history in the Saab Car Museum or feel nostalgia when you sit down in Höljebacka fire museum's retro café. Also take the opportunity to discover the local art in one of our galleries and art galleries. Here you will see art from both local artists and also national and international artists who are visiting.

Museums in Trollhättan Vänersborg

Saab Car Museum, Trollhättan

Take part in seventy years of Swedish car history and a large chapter in
Trollhättan's history
Saab Car Museum displays standard, prototype and rally cars from the 1940s onward, and of course, the first original Saab "Ur-Saaben" . You can also take part in the history of technology and design, meet experienced Saab veterans who are happy to tell you more about the cars and much more. The museum also has a souvenir shop if you want a memory with you home.

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Photographer: Atelje Clas

The Royal Hunt Museum Älgens Berg, Hunneberg

Visit the king's hunting grounds and learn more about the animals and nature on the mountains with the moose in focus
Up on beautiful Hunneberg is the experience center The Royal Hunt Museum Älgens Berg. Welcome in and take part in the moose that live here, the nature on the twin mountains Halle- and Hunneberg and its captivating history. Exciting tales and myths about gods, kings and mooses are told here. Learn more about the royal hunt and the gold treasure that was discovered near the mountains.

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Vänersborg's Museum, Vänersborg

A British Museum in miniature in central Vänersborg with objects from 
local explorers
When you come to Vänersborg's museum, it's like stepping straight into the 19th century world of ideas with objects from all corners of the world. The museum's objects were picked up by local explorers who wanted to show visitors the big world outside. Here you will find Egyptian sarcophagi, East Indian porcelain, art, animals and minerals.

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The Canal Museum, Trollhättan

Discover the exciting history of canal and lock construction in Trollhättan
during the 19th century and onwards

The Canal Museum tells the story of the work and life around Trollhättan's canal and locks that were built from the 19th century and where the latest lock system was completed in 1916. Here you can see boat models, underwater tools and diving suits from the 19th century, smithy and carpentry workshop and much more. During the summer, guided tours of the lock area also depart from here.

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Höljebacka Fire Museum, Upphärad

Learn more about old fire protection history in a genuine environment and
sit down for a while in their retro café 

Step into a fire museum built in the style of a fire station from the 1950s. Here are vehicles and equipment from the 1940s to about the 1970s. A carriage hall, day room, guard room, workshop, ambulance hall and of course a slide bar. In the nearby café, decorated in a 1950s spirit, you can sit and have a cup of coffee after your visit.

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Art in Trollhättan and Vänersborg

Trollhättan's Art Gallery, Trollhättan

A place for reflection with a dozen exhibitions each year with local, national and international art
Here in Trollhättan's municipal art gallery, a selection of local, national and international contemporary art is displayed. Here are large and beautiful rooms where you can take a moment for reflection and conversation about art and contemporary issues. Also take the opportunity to join a lunch- or evening viewing and learn more about the exhibition and the artist.

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Vänersborg's Art Gallery

An exciting meeting place in central Vänersborg where both national and international art is displayed
Here, most exhibitions are arranged every year with both Swedish and international artists. Viewings are arranged for each exhibition and the art gallery is an interesting meeting place for both residents and visitors to Vänersborg who are interested in art.

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Angela's Paintings Kråkestans Ateljé, Trollhättan

See art from a local artist right in the middle of the oldest part of Trollhättan
Come to Angela's art studio where she shows her paintings of mostly women and emotions but also magical forests and other natural motifs. The studio also has handmade silver jewelry and dream catchers.

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Handkraft Shop and Gallery, Trollhättan

Local art in the gallery and local crafts in the shop for sale
At Strandgatan in Trollhättan you find the shop and gallery Handkraft, which shows and sells handicrafts by more than 20 craftsmen from the Trollhättan area. In the gallery, both local and invited artists and craftsmen exhibit their works all year round.

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Galleri3, Vänersborg

A cozy gallery showing art and crafts in central Vänersborg
Here you can see exhibitions with, among other things, local paintings, textiles, glass, forging and photographs several times a year right on Edsgatan in Vänersborg. The ambition is for Gallery3 to be a place for conversations about art.

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Några Målare Gallery, Vänersborg

A studio and gallery for the association Några Målare that exhibits local art for visitors several times a year
Welcome to Vänersborg's oldest wooden house. In here you find the association Några Målare who exhibit their art in the house's gallery. Here you can see both local art from members of the association and also art by invited artists from near and far.

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Gallery Gustafsson, Trollhättan

A gallery in central Trollhättan that shows a varied selection of both well-known and lesser-known artists
Nice gallery on Österlånggatan with a view of the Trollhätte canal where you can see art from artists who live in the immediate area but also from other parts of Sweden. The gallery also offers sales of art to visitors and arranges individual viewings as desired.

Vänersborgsgruppen's Art Association, Vänersborg

About twenty members who paint together and display their work in their exhibition room in a culturally marked house in central Vänersborg
Art association with about twenty members that was formed in 1982 and is located in central Vänersborg. The members paint together and learn new techniques and then display their work in the common exhibition room. When they do not exhibit themselves, it can be rented out to others.

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