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Höljebacka Fire Museum

See exciting fire protection history and have a cup of coffee at the café

At Höljebacka Fire Museum you can see and experience old fire protection history in a genuine environment. Here you can see old fire trucks, equipment and take a ride on the Fireman's pole. When you visit the museum you can also visit the café next door for a cup of coffee. Höljebacka Fire Museum is open during summer, the rest of the year you have to book your visit in advance.

Fire Museum built like a 1950s fire station

Come to Höljebacka and see the collection of fire vehicles and fire equipment from the 1940s to about the 1970s in a museum built like a 1950s fire station. On the first floor is a spacious depot with room for three or four vehicles and equipment rooms furnished with the current equipment of that time. 

On the second floor of the museum there is a day room for the firemen and of course a Fireman's pole down to the first floor. There is also a guardroom, workshop and ambulance hall. 

Cozy old style café

A must when visiting the museum is to visit the nearby café. Here you can sit down for a while, have cup of coffee and see the contemporary decor. 

Please call +4670-367 38 03 for opening hours. 

Contact information

Höljebacka Brandmuseums Vänner

Höljebacka, Karlsro

461 99 Upphärad

Phone: +46703673803

E-mail: Send e-mail

Website: holjebacka.se