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  • Photographer: Marie Leander

Dalslands Aktiviteter
Dals Långed

Outdoor experiences in the Dalsland countryside

Dalsland’s Activities at Steneby farm outside Dals Långed is an activity center with a wide range of activities and extensive experience. With the Dalsland countryside as a setting there are more than 50 different activities to choose from, ranging from adrenalin fuelled adventures to relaxing nature experiences.

For the adventurer

With Dalsland’s Activities you can easily get your fill of adventure and challenges. High ropes courses, ziplines and pole hops are just some of the activities you can try. Challenge yourself and overcome your fears. You can also try the exciting shooting simulator, swing an axe or shoot with bow and arrow. During the summer there is a range of scheduled activities which don’t need to be booked in advance.

  • Photographer: Marie Leander

  • Photographer: Marie Leander

  • Photographer: Marie Leander

  • Photographer: Marie Leander

Enchanting countryside experiences

A popular activity is to see the Dalsland countryside from the horseback. Head out through the woods, beside lakes and along trails for up to two days. You can also enjoy the delightful scenery on foot. Follow the wheelchair and pram friendly trail through the dense and ancient forest with the Steneby river at your side.

Exciting accommodation

Accommodation at Dalsland’s Activities offers a range of possibilities all of them close to nature; two campsites, a converted lakeside barn or a hostel. The latest addition is the 72 hour cabin, truly unique accommodation with unbeatable views. In the main building beside the reception and shop there is also restaurant Stenebygrytan where you can enjoy homemade Dalsland food inspired by nature.

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Dalslands Aktiviteter

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