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Rest area Parsetjärn

Photographer: Eva Erlandsson

From Norway

Welcome to Sweden and to a wonderful trip through southern Värmland and Dalsland!


This tour takes you into Sweden via the E18 road to Årjäng, then south on road 172 along the beautiful lake ”Västra Silen” and to Bengtsfors.

Enjoy the fantastic scenery and stop and make bargains in many of our second hand shops!

From Bengtsfors you can choose smaller roads via Ärtemark and Assslerud to Dals Ed and back to Norway via Kornsjö.

This tour is 150 km.

On the route:


If you drive return from Oslo it will be 360km - so why not make it at least a two day tour? And if you have more time add on for example the  ”Inner Circle tour”.