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From resistance to waffles - Culture tour nr. 3

Innovative art, traditional handicrafts, modern design, medieval church paintings, the finest cultivated plants and the wingbeats of history. We have put together six suggested day tours for those who want to explore the art and culture of Dalsland. Tour nr. 3 takes you to through Dals-Ed and Nössemark.


From resistance to waffles

Shiny mudguards reflect the light at the motorcycle museum in Ed, a region shaped by its location close to the Norwegian border. Landmarks include Parsetjärn fortifications, dating from World War II, and the trails through Tresticklan Nationalpark along which young people migrated to Norway to seek work during the hard times of the 19th century. As did Märta-Stina Godtman, who brought knowledge
of how to make straw hats back home to Ärtemark and set up a successful business exporting 60,000 hats each year around the world. With luck you will be in time for a themed dining event at Vita Huset by Lake Stora Le.

In our digital map, you will find map positions and directions to all the places to visit on the tour.

Places to visit along the tour

Parsetjärnrn fortifications

Parsetjärnrn fortifications were built during World War II as defence. The shelters and defensive works are open to the public at certain times of the year.

Eds Mc- och motormuseum

The museum has 1,000 square metres of exhibition space with veteran motorcycles, mopeds, chainsaws, boat engines, radios and charming old sewing machines.

Café Smör & Socker

Café Smör & Socker by the square in Ed off ers coff ee, home-baked pastries and sandwiches.

Tresticklan national park

Tresticklan national park has beautiful trails that lead all the way to Norway. 30 square kilometres of traffic-free, unspoiled nature with old trails through the untouched nature.


 Dals-Ed, Rävmarken
Rävlyckan is part of Ekomuseum Gränsland, and was one of 14 secret Norwegian military bases on Swedish land from January to May 1945. Nine Norwegian weapons instructors were based there, preparing for guerrilla war against the German occupation force in Østfold.

Vita huset by Lake Stora Le

  Dals-Ed, Nössemark
Vita huset by Lake Stora Le in Nössemark, is the latest addition to the area and off ers accommodation, themed dining events and helps to organise activities in the area.

The Nössemark ferry

  Dals-Ed, Nössemark
The Nössemark ferry between Sund and Jaren across Lake Stora Le has been ther for 50 years. The 900-metre crossing takes around 10 minutes. During the day there are two ferry crossings per hour in either direction.

Nössemark's camping & café

  Dals-Ed, Nössemark
Nössemark's camping and café is colourful, pleasant and with good food and coffee. Cottages to rent and playground for the children.


Gäserudsstugan is one of the oldest surviving buildings in Dalsland. In the 17th century the farmhouse was the main building of a large farm. Together with the well-preserved outbuildings the farm gives an insight into how the more affluent lived in those days.

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