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Photographer: Daniel Breece

Fengersfors 8 - 40 km

Gravel cycling

The Fengersfors 8 is a fantastic gravel circuit for anyone wanting a combination of cycle training with lovely scenery. You’ll be tested along the route by a few hills but rewarded as well with great views and exhilarating descents. A food or fika stop at Not Quite is a given.

Length: 40.4 km
Elevation: 614 m
Surface: 51% gravel, 49% asphalt

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Cycle in a figure of eight around two lakes

There’s actually a quite logical reason why the route has been named the Fengersfors 8. You start and finish in the old mill town of Fengersfors and cycle in a figure of eight, first northwards round Lake Knarrbysjön then southwards around Lake Ärr. This means that you’ll return to Fengersfors in the middle, which makes it easy to shorten the loop if you want to.

You can count on there being a few tough climbs to get to grips with, but that also means that there will be several lovely descents, not least on the way back down to Fengersfors after the first loop.

Fika or have lunch at Not Quite

The cultural mecca Not Quite, where you can have a well-earned lunch break, is in Fengersfors. You can also buy fika to take away at the Brukets Godaste bakery, where you can conveniently cycle right up to the door! 

There’s also a cafe at Larssons Gårdsbutik farm shop, where you can stop for a fika during summer weekends. You’ll find it by making a roughly ten minute detour to the south just after you’ve passed Strömmens locks on the second loop.

Half gravel, half asphalt

About half of the route is surfaced with asphalt, in particular the northern section. It’s also in the northern loop that the highest summit is reached, but we’d say that the toughest climb comes part way into the second loop, where a brutal kilometre with an almost 100 metre elevation gain awaits. 

When you’re back in Fengersfors you can round it all off with a cooling dip in Lake Knarrbysjöns swimming area, which also has pitches for motorhome owners.

Two other great cycle friendly places to stay along the route are Nordic Refuge and Villa Weidling in Fröskog.




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Pictures from the area

Brukets Godaste.

Not Quite.

Lake Knarrbysjön.


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Length: 40.4 km
Elevation: 614 m
Surface: 51% gravel, 49% asphalt

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