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Gravel touring Lake Iväg - 44 km

Gravel cycling

An enjoyable gravel circuit around Lake Iväg in central Dalsland, with a mixture of gravel and asphalt roads. Towards the second half of the route a tough sustained climb of just over 100 metres in height awaits. Dare you accept the challenge?

Length: 43.6 km
Elevation: 661 m
Surface: 60% gravel, 40% asphalt

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Wave to the moose from the bike saddle

This route starts from Laxsjöns Camping & Friluftsgård. It’s a relatively comfortable start with flat terrain for the first ten kilometres, on mixed surfaces.

Just before you get to the lake you’ll cycle past Dalslands Aktiviteter and can wave to the moose in the park. During summer there’s both a cafe and restaurant open here, and if you’re feeling low in energy it would definitely be a good idea to buy some picnic things because over the next thirty kilometres food stores and cafes are notable for their absence.

Top tip! If you’ve never visited Dalslands Aktiviteter before you should definitely return someday, but not in your cycling gear. It’s a super fun activity centre with everything from canoe paddling and high ropes course, to beaver safaris and accommodation in teepees or spectacular glass cabins.


Cycle around the lake

The major part of the stretch around Lake Iväg is on excellent gravel roads edged with forests alternating with open arable land. It’s a really pleasant cycle tour with rolling hills and lovely landscapes.


A climb to test the best

Make sure you have some strength left in your legs, as towards the end of the circuit the day’s big test of your stamina awaits. Over two kilometres you’ll gain more than 100 meters of altitude in a sustained climb. It's a hill that we imagine will strain the thigh muscles of even the most seasoned gravel rider.

Luckily it levels out after the hill climb, as it so often does, and the last ten kilometres down to Dals Långed and back to the campsite are a lot more comfortable.


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Pictures from the area

Dalslands Aktiviteter.

Laxsjöns Camping & Friluftsgård.


Gravel cycling in Dalsland

You’ll find all you need to know here about gravel cycling in Dalsland, everything from great route suggestions to cycle friendly accommodation.



Length: 43.6 km
Elevation: 661 m
Surface: 60% gravel, 40% asphalt

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