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Great gravel ride of Kroppefjäll - 61 km

Gravel cycling

You can’t cycle through it, you can’t cycle under it – you just have to cycle round it. We’re talking of course about Kroppefjäll’s gigantic nature area, a magical place for hiking, and as luck would have it there’s a circular cycle route that takes you round the whole area and its beautiful terrain.

Length: 61.2 km
Elevation: 769 m
Surface: 85 % gravel, 15 % asphalt

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One for gravel lovers

This is a route for anyone who really loves gravel. The loop consists almost exclusively of gravel roads and the amount of traffic is minimal. You’ll cycle in a scenic and tranquil area with nature as your nearest companion.

Start and end at Ragnerud Vandringsdestination, a cosy family campsite on the shores of Lake Ragnerud. There’s plenty of parking here and you can also stay the night in one of the cabins. Bike wash and lockable bike storage is available.


Countryside meets wilderness

You’ll cycle clockwise around Kroppefjäll. To your left farmland swishes past and on the right Kroppefjäll’s dark green wild forests are always there and waiting.

Some places worth visiting to make a mental note of before your ride are: The Karolinerleden where Karl XII and his Carolean soldiers are thought to have travelled on their journey to Norway in 1718, the idyllic Dalslandsgården Vinnsäter and the view of lakes Teåkersjön and Kvarnemadsjön.


If you have time, go for a walk

When you get back to Ragnerud you can have a dip in the lake and enjoy a tasty dinner in the restaurant.

If you have the chance we recommend that you stay an extra day and set out on a hiking adventure on Kroppefjäll. Because it definitely will be an adventure. The gateway to Kroppefjäll stands open for you in the hillsides above Ragnerud Vandringsdestination.


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Pictures from the area

Ragnerud Vandringsdestination.

Dalslandsgården Vinnsäter.



Gravel cycling in Dalsland

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Length: 61.2 km
Elevation: 769 m
Surface: 85 % gravel, 15 % asphalt

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