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Photographer: Jonas Ingman

Rolling gravel hills of the north - 93 km

Gravel cycling

Round the Östra Silen lake system there’s an epic gravel circuit perfect for experienced cyclists who want a proper workout. The circuit is a little over 90 km and a real favourite among local riders training for long distance events. The gravel roads you’ll cycle along here are fantastic, with almost no traffic at all.

Length: 92.8 km
Elevation: 1119 m
Surface: 54 % gravel, 46 % asphalt

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Fill up your energy stocks before you start

Start and finish is in Bengtsfors where you can buy stuff for lunch and snacks. It’s a long ride and there are no cafes or restaurants along it at all, so make sure you fill your saddle bag with what you need to keep your energy levels up before you start.

For the first thirty kilometres you’ll be cycling on asphalt, on a minor road to start off with then a lovely winding country road. The Krokfors locks on the Dalsland Canal are a nice place to stop at.


Round Lake Östra Silen

The route takes you on a mini visit through the southern tip of the region of Värmland as you round Lake Östra Silen. There are plenty of lakeside rest areas here for a picnic lunch stop. 

Even though you’re cycling near the lake the hilltops follow one another pretty swiftly so you can’t afford to take it too easy, you’re going to have to work the whole time to keep the pace up.


Some of Dalsland’s best gravel roads

The gravel roads on this route are some of the very best in Dalsland. Along the way you’ll see deep forests, lakes and small farms in the villages. Don’t be surprised if you don’t bump into that many other people or road users. You can cycle many kilometres here without meeting anyone, its a tranquil area with stunning scenery.  

On the last stretch back to Bengtsfors asphalt roads replace the gravel again. Make sure you give yourself a good pat on the back when you get off your bike, you really deserve it!


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Pictures from the area



Gravel cycling in Dalsland

You’ll find all you need to know here about gravel cycling in Dalsland, everything from great route suggestions to cycle friendly accommodation.

Length: 92.8 km
Elevation: 1119 m
Surface: 54 % gravel, 46 % asphalt

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