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Edsvidsleden Hiking Trail

A hiking trail ideal for trailrunning that offers a bit of everything

Take on the walking shoes and experience a 15 kilometer hiking trail in Trollhättan. Edsvidsleden is the perfect trail for trail running or long walks in the forest environment. The hiking trail offers the little extra, and you get the opportunity to enjoy beautiful scenery, magnificent views and beautiful blueberry forest.

Walk along the blue river Göta Älv and discover a very beautiful part of Trollhättan - close to the city center. At the end of the trail you will meet two viewpoints with magnificent views, Kopparklinten and Nyckelberget. From Kopparklinten you have a view of the nature reserve "Älvrummet" containing scenic hiking trails.

In the blueberries forest further west you walk among moss and roots. Close by is the old house of Krusetorp, it is a perfect place for a rest or a picnic. 

At the Forngården and the most picturesque quarter of Strömstlund with the old slaskegatan you get an authentic picture of what it looked like before. Curious about Forngården? Learn more about it here!

At the end of Edsvidsleden you will find oaks that are more than a hundred years old, they have their own story  to tell so - take your time to listen to and feel the environment!

Practical information


There are several start/finish points at the path. Along the trail there are also some barbecue areas as well as wind protection. You can find the map of the hiking trail here, or at the Tourist Office.

Contact information


Phone: +4652013509

E-mail: info@visittv.se