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Explore our area by bike

Put on your bike helmet and jump on your bike because it is time to explore Trollhättan and Vänersborg. Perhaps the best way to experience our area is by bike, here are several trails to choose from and you can also create your own experience by combining different cycle paths.


Photographer: Joachim Nywall

Cycling in Trollhättan

Bike along the Göta River and discover the beautiful nature and fascinating history of Trollhätte Canalpark in Trollhättan
Trollhättan is an excellent city to explore by bicycle. There are plenty of cycle paths and bike trails that take you from the city center to the major sights such as the Locks area, Spikön, Älvrummet nature reserve and the Innovatum area.

Here you can read more about the different bike paths in Trollhättan and download a map. 

Photographer: Rune Andersson

Cycling in Vänersborg

Explore the shores of Lake Vänern, take a relaxing trip through central Vänersborg or take a trip to the beautiful Halleberg and Hunneberg mountains
Recently, Vänersborg ranked as the 27th best municipality for cycling in Sweden. Vänersborg offers beautiful scenery and good cycle paths and bike trails close by the large Lake Vänern and the Ecopark Halle- and Hunneberg, the two plateau mountains close by the city, gives you further options on great day trips.

Here you can read more about the different bike paths in Vänersborg and download a map. 

Photographer: Peter Fredberg

Ecopark Halleberg and Hunneberg

Explore the untouched nature on Hunneberg mountain on a mountain bike
On Hunneberg there are three marked bike trails for mountain bike that goes through the beautiful and preserved nature of the mountain. 

Read more about the mountain bike trails here.

Mountain bike rental

Rent a mountain bike at the Royal Hunt Museum Elk Hill on Hunneberg
Come to The Royal Hunt Museum Elk Hill on Hunneberg and rent a mountain bike and explore the bike paths in the Ecopark Halle- and Hunneberg. There are five hardtail bikes with 21 gears of the "Ideal" brand available.

Read more about the mountain bike rental here.

Photographer: Rune Andersson

A journey into Carl von Linneaus' world

Cycling holiday through nature and culture in Carl von Linneaus´ footsteps
A 65 kilometer long bike trail that goes through our area and let you explore Vänersborg, Trollhättan and Ecopark Halleberg and Hunneberg. In 1746, Carl von Linneaus passed through in this area during his travels in the province of Västergötland region.

Read more about the Linneaus trail and see the map here.