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Dog Friendly Trollhättan Vänersborg

Does your four-legged friends want to come with you on your vacation? No problem! Here in Trollhättan and Vänersborg there are several places that are great for dogs to visit. There are also many accommodations that accept dogs and other pets here.



Please remember to inform the accommodation when booking that you will bring your pet.

Albert Hotell Kök & Konferens, Trollhättan
Hotel beautifully located in Strömslund, overlooking Trollhättan and close to the Trollhättan Waterfalls and the city center. The hotel has one room where you can bring your dog or cat for an extra cost of 400 SEK. 

Read more about Albert Hotell Kök & Konferens here. 

Best Western Arena Hotel, Vänersborg
Hotel located close to central Vänersborg and the train station that offers a few rooms that allow pets. These rooms are always booked by contacting the hotel directly. A surcharge of 200 SEK per night will be added when bringing pets. It is not allowed to bring pets to the hotel restaurant. 

Read more about Best Western Arena Hotel here. 

Best Western Hotel Trollhättan, Trollhättan
Central hotel close to the Trollhättan main square and just a short walk from the Göta River. The hotel offers two pet rooms, one double room for a maximum of two persons and a double room superior (with sofa bed) for a maximum of 4 people. Direct booking to the hotel is required to book these rooms. An extra cleaning fee of 200 SEK will be added. 

Read more about Best Western Hotel Trollhättan here. 

Brålanda Hotel and Hostel, Brålanda
Brålanda Hotell och Vandrarhem (Brålanda Hotel and Hostel) is in the town of Brålanda, located between the towns of Mellerud and Vänersborg. Here are some rooms where pets/dogs are welcome so please contact the hotel in advance to book these rooms. A surcharge of 200 SEK will be added for staying with pets. 

Read more about Brålanda Hotel and Hostel here. 

Clarion Collection Hotel Kung Oscar, Trollhättan
Centrally located hotel in Trollhättan that welcomes pets for an surcharge of 250 SEK per night. Guide dogs stay free of charge upon presenting valid documentation. Please inform the hotel at the time of booking that you want to bring your pet. 

Read more about Clarion Collection Hotel Kung Oscar here. 

Hotel Bele, Trollhättan
Stay right in the center of Trollhättan, right next to the main pedestrian street. Here at Hotel Bele there is one room that allows dogs for a surcharge of 200 SEK. Please inform the hotel while booking that you wish to bring your pet. 

Read more about Hotel Bele here. 

Hotel Hehrne, Vänersborg
Outside Vänersborg in beautiful Restad Gård area is Hotel Hehrne. The hotel has special dog rooms that you book when bringing pets. These rooms have an extra fee of 50 SEK per night. There are no dog rooms overlooking the Göta River. 

Read more about Hotel Hehrne here. 

Quality Hotel Vänersborg, Vänersborg
Hotel beautifully located near the waters of Lake Vänern and close to the Vänersborg's sports center. Quality Hotel Vänersborg is a dog-friendly hotel so when you book accommodation with a dog, there is always a bowl, dog treats and dog waste bags in the room. A surcharge of 250 SEK will be added. 

Read more about Quality Hotel Vänersborg here. 

Ronnums Herrgård, Vargön
Spend the night close to the magnificent plateau mountains Halleberg and Hunneberg. Ronnums Herrgård is an allergy-friendly hotel that only allows animals in two pet-friendly rooms in a separate building. Here there are two double rooms in total where you can have pets in. There is no extra cost for these rooms. 

Read more about Ronnums Herrgård here. 

Scandic Swania, Trollhättan
Right next to the Göta River is Scandic Swania, a centrally located hotel in Trollhättan. The hotel has 25 dog rooms for guest bringing their pets. Please contact the hotel directly when booking one of the dog rooms. The rooms cost 200 SEK extra per night. 

Read more about Scandic Swania here.

Stenröset's Camping, Trollhättan
Nice, rural and child-friendly camping about 5 km south of Trollhättan. Here are some cottages available for guests with dogs. Small four-bed cottages and Medium four-bed cottages are available for guests with dogs for an additional fee of 100 SEK. Please notify the campsite when booking. If you live in your own caravan, camper or tent, it costs nothing extra to bring a pet. 

Read more about Stenrösets camping. 

Strand hotel, Vänersborg
Stay in central Vänersborg with your pet. The hotel accepts dogs in a limited number of rooms, at a small additional cost. Please contact the hotel directly when booking a stay with your pet. 

Read more about Strand hotel here. 

Trollhättan's Camping City, Trollhättan
Popular camping near the city center of Trollhättan, close to the relaxing walking paths on Spikön island. Dogs are welcome at the campsite. Please contact the camping directly when booking a stay with your pet. 

Read more about Trollhättan Camping City here. 

Trollhättan Bed and Breakfast, Trollhättan
Here you live close to the city center with access to your own private garden. Pets are welcome but please contact the owner when booking a stay with your pet. 

Read more about Trollhättan Bed and Breakfast here. 

Torpängen cottages, Sjuntorp
Stay in a cottage or cabin in the countryside, 15 kilometers south of Trollhättan. Dogs are welcome in the hunting lodge at Torpängen. If you wish to stay at one of the cottages with a dog or other pets, please contact Torpängen for more information. 

Read more about Torpängen cottages here. 

Ursand Resort and Camping, Vänersborg
At Ursand Camping, just north of Vänersborg, dogs and other pets are welcome in the whole camping area. On the beach they are allowed in the area left of the volleyball field. There is a dog shower in the service building. 

Read more about Ursand Resort and Camping here. 

Dog beaches

Dogs that love the water have several good options to choose from in our area. 

In Trollhättan there is a dog beach at Knorren nature area, here. During the winter months, between September 1st - May 31st, dogs can visit the beaches on Öresjö, Sjölanda and Gravlången lakes. 

In Vänersborg there is no general ban on taking your dog to the beach. Dogs are thus welcome at all the beaches in the Vänersborg area as long as they are kept on a leash. 

Nice places for dog walks

Here you can find some suggestions for beautiful nature areas to bring your dog to for a walk. 

Älvrummet, Trollhättan
Älvrummet is a beautiful nature reserve which is situated between the Trollhättan Waterfalls area and the Locks Area. Here you will find several walking paths either at the Göta River's edge or deep inside the forests. Don't miss a trip up to the Copper Cliff for the best view in Trollhättan. The area is located about 1,5 kilometers from the city center. 

Read more about Älvrummet here. 

Spikön, Trollhättan
Take a relaxing stroll on Spikön, or Nail Island, a green oasis surrounded by the waters of the Göta River. On the opposite side of the river is central Trollhättan, making Spikön a popular walking and exercise area among the inhabitants of Trollhättan. 

Read more about Spikön here. 

Ecopark Halleberg and Hunneberg, Vargön
Discover the protected nature atop the plateau mountains of Halleberg and Hunneberg. There are plenty of walking trails here and a good place to start is from Bergagården on Hunneberg mountain where the Royal Hunt Museum Elk Hill is also located. 

Read more about Ecopark Halleberg and Hunneberg here. 

Skräckle Park and Holmängen, Vänersborg
Walk along the edge of Lake Vänern in central Vänersborg. Here you will find the popular Skräckle Park or Skräckleparken that offers magnificent views of Lake Vänern. A well-maintained park environment just a few minutes walk from the main square in Vänersborg. Next to the park is the wooded area of Holmängen where you can discover more of Lake Vänern's coast almost all the way to the town of Vargön. 

Read more about Skräckle Park here.