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Ursand restaurant outdoor seating with a view over Lake Vänern.

Restaurants with Outdoor Seating in Summer

The sun is shining and it is time to enjoy something good to eat while enjoying the weather. When the summer comes, the outdoor seating's of several local restaurants and cafés in Trollhättan and Vänersborg opens up and offers their guests a nice atmosphere to enjoy great food and drink.

Photographer: BildIT

Café Strandgatan

Enjoy a cup of coffee or a tasty hamburger with a great view of the Göta River
Café Strandgatan is located on the Strandgatan street that goes along the Göta River. Here you can enjoy a good meal or just a cup of coffee while looking out over the canal and maybe see a ship or two passing by Trollhättan either on their way to Gothenburg or Lake Vänern.

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Scandic Swania

Good food and drinks next to the Göta River
After a long day, treat yourself to a good meal in the Scandic Swania hotel restaurant, with views of the Trollhätte Canal. There is a bar in the restaurant’s glass veranda where you can enjoy a glass of wine and take in the view. 

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Stranna Boulebar

Bar, outdoor seating and boule at one place!
Get togheter, young as old and have a something nice to drink and play a game of boule. They also offer snacks and some easier food. Spend your summer days in a cosy way!

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Photographer: Kråkestans Kakeria

Kråkestans Kakeria

A coffe in the old town!
Go to Strömslund, the older part of the city for a nice coffee and some swedish fika. Try some of the swedish classics or maybe one of Kakerians classics. The outdoor seating is located at the old "garbage street", Slaskegata in swedish. You can read more about the Slaskegata here. These streets are now picturesque alleys in the village. 

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Photographer: VisitTV

Café Skräcklestugan

Enjoy a Swedish fika or a nice lunch just by the shores of Lake Vänern
Skräcklestugan or Skäckle Café is located on the banks of Lake Vänern in Skräckle Park, Vänersborg. The café is housed in a newly renovated coffee shop from the 1930s. Here you will find waffles, prawn sandwiches, homemade food and pastries from the beginning of May until the middle of September.

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Winnie's Kitchen n´comfort 

Good burgers and local beer? 
Come enjoy lunch or dinner at our outdoor seeting during summer months. Maybe one of our classic burgers is the perfect match for you? Or something else from our seasonal menu.

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Quality Hotel Vänersborg

Eat breakfast, lunch or dinner at the hotel's outdoors seating during summer
The hotel has two restaurants that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Enjoy the food in the popular outdoor seating or enjoy a drink at the bar. The hotel is located close to the main sports center in Vänersborg. 

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Family-owned restaurant located just by the canal in Vänersborg city center
When visiting Koppargrillen you have to try the award-winning béarnaise sauce that is served here. In summer the outdoor seating is very popular due to the beautiful location just by the canal. Here you can see sailboats passing on their way out into Lake Vänern. 

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Nordfeldt's Pastry Shop

Sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee or lunch in central Vänersborg
Nordfeldt's pastry shop has a wide range of food, bread, cakes, sandwiches and pastries. Take a break at the café and enjoy a cup of coffee and something from the shop when you are exploring Vänersborg. 

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Hotell Hehrne

Great food and a panoramic view of the upper Göta River
The hotel's restaurant offers a great view of the Göta River from the dining hall. If the weather is good you can sit outside and eat on the terrace. The restaurant offers a whole range from simple meals to five-course dinners for conference participants and private guests.

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