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Hiker that stands on a hill and looking out over the surrounding forest.

Hiking trails you have to try

Put on your hiking shoes for it is time to discover Trollhättan and Vänersborg on foot. Here we have gathered a list of the best hiking trails in our area that you have to try.



Hiking in Vänerstad

10 kilometers long hiking trail in Vänersborg along the coast of Lake Vänern
Hike in Vänersborg - the gateway to Lake Vänern. With this hiking map you can explore popular tourist destinations, beautiful nature and interesting history. The Hiking in Vänerstad map offers you on a 10 kilometer hiking trip with additional trails if you want to explore even more what Vänersborg has to offer.

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Photographer: BildIT

Path of Health in Vänersborg

Hiking path in central Vänersborg that let you discover the shores of Lake Vänern
Hälsans Stig (Path of Health) or Slí na Sláinte is an initiative with the aim to encourage and increase the number of people walking. In Vänersborg The Path of Health is 7 kilometers long and goes by many popular sights in the city center.

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Hiking in Ecopark Halleberg and Hunneberg

Discover the beautiful plateau mountains of Halleberg and Hunneberg
Get your hiking boots or your running shoes on – it is time to explore! Set off on an adventure through the nature of the ecopark and prepare for an amazing nature experience. Here you will find 10 different hiking tracks to choose from with varied length and difficulty. A good place to start is on Bergagården on Hunneberg mountain where you will also find the popular Royal Hunt Museum Elk Hill. 

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Trollhättan Canal Walks

Three hiking paths along the Trollhättan canal
Explore Trollhättan along the waters of the Göta River. Today there are three Canal Walks in Trollhättan that offers not only beautiful sights but also a wide range of exciting attractions to visit during your walk. Enjoy the shorter Spikörundan close to the city center, Innovatumrundan that takes you from the city center down to the popular Innovatum area or explore the whole Trollhättan canal along the Slussrundan. 

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The Nils Ericson Walk

Explore the locks area of Trollhättan during this relaxing walk
A 25 minutes' walk in the famous Trollhättan locks area that let you explore the three generations of locks, created to enable ships to get past the waterfalls in Trollhättan. You will also explore the park area of Gamle Dal'n that surrounds the older lock systems. The walk is named after the famous Swedish mechanical engineer and canal builder Nils Ericson.

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Photographer: Roger Lärk

Vilhelm Hansen's Walk

A walking path around the famous Olidan hydropower station
Vilhelm Hansen's walk is a 35 minute walk that takes you around the area of the Olidan hydropower station, Sweden's oldest hydropower station still in operation. See historical buildings surrounded by the beautiful nature of Älvrummet and the Göta river, close by the Trollhättan waterfall. The walk is named after Vilhelm Hansen, a Swedish civil engineer. 

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The De Laval Walk

Beautiful hiking trail along the Trollhättan Waterfalls
Explore the area surrounding the Trollhättan Waterfalls in this 45 minutes walk. The trail goes on the left side of the waterfall area so you can walk along the empty riverbed. The walk will give you many great views of the area. The walk is named after Gustaf de Laval, a Swedish engineer and inventor. 

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Photographer: Joachim-Nywall

Edsvidsleden Hiking Trail

A hiking trail ideal for trailrunning that offers a bit of everything
Take on the walking shoes and experience a 15 kilometer hiking trail in Trollhättan. Edsvidsleden is the perfect trail for trail running or long walks in the forest environment. The hiking trail offers the little extra, and you get the opportunity to enjoy beautiful scenery, magnificent views and beautiful blueberry forest.

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Path of Health in Trollhättan

A short and relaxing hiking path close to central Trollhättan
Hälsans Stig (Path of Health) or Slí na Sláinte is an initiative with the aim to encourage and increase the number of people walking. In Trollhättan The Path of Health is 4 kilometers long and goes by many popular sights in the city center.

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Nature Path near Lake Örejö

Enjoy a 2.5 km relaxing walk surrounded by the beautiful nature close to Lake Öresjö
Come out to the nature area just south of lake Öresjö, about 10 minute car ride from central Trollhättan. Here you can park your car and head out in in the quiet and peaceful forest and enjoy a 2.5 km walk.

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