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Photographer: Trollhättans Stad

Ryrbäcken Nature Reserve

Follow the waters of Ryrbäcken in southern Trollhättan

Visit the green oasis in southern Trollhättan and follow the Ryrbäcken stream that travels through the deciduous forest towards the Göta River. The ravine created by the river can reach up to 50-60 meters above sea level. Where the stream flows into the Göta River, the height above sea level is only eight meters. Within the nature reserve there are many paths, preserved nature and cultural relics. Other attractions are giant cauldrons, millstones and traces of Queen Kristina's postal road.

The nature surrounding Ryrbäcken stream

The Ryrbäcken stream finds its way to the Göta River passing by lush swamp forest mixed with deciduous forest in a ravine landscape that gives the area an exotic feeling. In many places in the area, the forest is old and for birdwatchers the area has a rich bird life with for example lesser spotted woodpecker, white-throated dipper and grey wagtail.

In spring before the greenery is in full swing, you can enjoy the color combinations from flowering lesser celandine, wood anemone, yellow star-of-Bethlehem and hepatica. Large quantities of fiddlehead fern also create a beautiful framing of the stream. 

Queen Kristina's postal route

The old Strömsvägen road that passed through this area is also called Queen Kristina's postal route, which was of great importance during the 17th and 18th century but today not much of the old road remains. Some remains can however be found in Ryrbäcken nature reserve, you can find them on the map marked "rester av drottning Kristinas postväg". Queen Kristina was the queen of Sweden between 1632-1654.

Popular hiking area and protected nature reserve

Ryrbäcken is a popular area for recreation among locals. There are several paths suitable for walking and some for biking that run through the area, making it easy to explore. Nearby is also Slätthult that also have several trails for hiking. The Ryrbäcken area is a nature reserve with the purpose to preserve the valuable forest environment along the ravine. The area is about 43 hectares and was inaugurated as a nature reserve in October 2009.

How to get here

Ryrbäcken can be found in the southern part of Trollhättan, just over half an hour's walk from the city center. If you travel by car, you can park at Slätthult

A printed information brochure with map is available at the Tourist Information Center in Trollhättan, the information is in Swedish but the map is good to have when exploring the area. You can also download a digital version of the map here.

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