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Photographer: Nadja Odenhage

Pleasure walking

  • Source: UT 2020

Humans are made to walk - that is what evolution decided. Our upright gait and our seat muscles are some of our superpowers! And we feel good from moving around out in the nature! The scientists say it and you know it yourself. Right? Of course your body and soul feel really good after an active day outdoors!

According to Swedish newspaper queen Amelia Adamo, the new way of socializing is Pleasure walking. She has also published a book on the subject.

Pleasure walking!
A pleasurable day-stage without a backpack and with a three-course dinner at the finish

How do you do it, you might wonder. Well, the key is to choose the right length for the day-stages, to not carry heavy bags, and to indulge in well-prepared local food instead of freeze-dried, and to add a portion of culture to spice up the nature experience. If you also add a newly made hotel bed, a gang of happy friends and lip gloss, then the recipe is complete. Walking becomes a pleasure instead of an achievement.

”... we think it is nice to get a three course dinner when we arrive”.

- Amelia Adamo

So when Amelia Adamo visited Dalsland with her walking group last year, well, naturally they followed their own advice: The day trips on the Pilgrim Trail and in Sörknattens Nature Reserve were coordinated by the company Dalslandresor and of course there was a local guide who added interesting local knowledge.

Culture & cooling bubbly

The cultural programme included aqueduct sightseeing, Dalsland artworks and a kissing stop! Stomachs were filled with good Dalsland food both outdoors and at set tables. On one occasion, to the great delight of the walkers, wild boar stew and cooling bubbly during the walk!

Spending time with friends and taking many cooling dips in crystal-clear lakes, added that little extra
touch to the nature experience. The group of friends enjoyed comfortable beds and good breakfasts at Baldersnäs Herrgård and Upperud 9:9.

So, do it like Amelia - Get out and enjoy Dalsland!

Our 7 best trail for pleasure walking

THE PILGRIM TRAIL - The north part is 40 km. The trail runs beside crystal-clear lakes, over white quartzite hills and through beautiful woods. In Edsleskog the trail joins up with Storspåret which takes you to Åmål.

TRESTICKLAN NATIONAL PARK - Lovely trails in the typical valley countryside of northern Dalsland.

YTTRE BODANE - Forest and archipelago in one. So beautiful!

SÖRKNATTEN & BASTÅSEN - Magical Ronja Rövardotter nature with beautiful views.

BALJÅSEN & ORSHÖLJEN - Dalsland’s highest point... and so much more!

KROPPEFJÄLL - An unbelievably beautiful flat-top hill with many trails and six nature reserves.

BRÄNDA BERGET- Magical forest, views and the locks on the Dalsland canal.

Hotels & Dining

Good hotel accommodation along our trails that offer comfortable beds for tired legs and good food for additional luxury.

Walking with a guide

Increase your stay in Dalsland with an authorized Dalsland guide that will give your walk that little extra.