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Photographer: Roger Borgelid

Hiking trails in Dalsland

Take a quiet walk in the woods or go on multi-day hikes in the footsteps of ancient pilgrims. Dalsland's hiking trails are as varied as the landscape itself. Welcome to experience Dalsland's most beautiful locations on foot!

Hiking is not hard and it is up to you if you want a real challenge or just a few moments of peace in the wilderness. A one hour walk on a shorter route in a pair of leisure shoes can be as enjoyable as 20 km in hiking boots. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and make the trip to your own.

Photographer: Roger Borgelid

The pilgrim trail

100 km, Vänersborg - Edsleskog
In the south, beautiful country roads. In the north magnificent wilderness. Dalsland's longest and most versatile trail. 


12 km, Dals Ed
Dalsland's national park by the border to Norway. Hiking trails from 3 km to 12 km through unique nature and untouched wilderness.


54 km, Dals Rostock - Högsäter
Kroppefjälls Wilderness Area with its 12 nature reserves is located in southern Dalsland and is accessible to you with its 80km of marked hiking trails. The longest is Kroppefjällsleden.


5 km, Dals Långed
At the nature reserve Baldersnäs you walk around the island in a loop. Flat environment and good walking paths with many nice views.

Yttre Bodane

3,8 km, Åmål
Hike in the freshwater archipelago. Almost 12 km of hiking divided into four trails through islands and skerries.

Trail Steneby

1,2 km, Bengtsfors
Small trail with a wooden walkway, which works for both wheelchairs and prams. Along the trail there is a larger enclosure with deer.

Lysetjärn trail

5 km, Bengtsfors
Starting from the hostel at Gammelgården in Bengtsfors. Takes you around the small lake with barbecue area along the trail.


25 km, Bengtsfors
A trail shaped like an 8 that runs through varied nature. Along the trail there are wind shelters, view towers, cabins and barbecue area.


20 km, Åmål
A straight hiking trail between Hanebol's farm in Åmål and Edsleskog. In Edsleskog it joins the Pilgrim Trail. Along the trail there are two campsites.

Brända Berget

11 km, Bengtsfors
The trail is 9 km-11 km long with beautiful views. At Höljerudsforsarna you cross Dalslands Kanal at the lock 19 & 20.


6,5 km, Åmål
Bare mountains with wonderful views. Situated between the lakes Djup and Ånimmen and the altitude varies from 50 to 142 meters above sea level.

Karl XII trail

15 km, Mellerud - Färgelanda
Hiking trail with historical roots. Extends from the croft in Forsebol, about 6 km south of Dals Rostock, over the mountain to Järbo church.


10 km, Edsleskog
Three trails show you the way to Dalsland's highest point, Baljåsen, 302 meters above sea level. The trails have varying degrees of difficulty and length.