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  • Photographer: Hemma på Klev

Hemma på Klev – Klevs Gästgiveri

Country-style accommodation with locally produced food and a unique atmosphere

Hemma på Klev is an old inn situated next to the meandering river Ätran in a cultural-historic environment, in the middle of Ätradalsgången. This B&B and restaurant serves local produced and carefully prepared food.

Local and organic

Hemma på Klev is just 45 minutes south of Kinna in the scenic area of Mårdaklev. Åsa and Janne are the couple who will welcome you to their B&B and restaurant at the traditional Hemma på Klev. Their guiding principles are local produce, Swedish and preferably organic. Local food is their centrepiece, and one of the natural ingredients are the Gästrike lambs which graze on nearby meadows in the next village. You can buy cuts of lamb in the season, as well as honey from the garden bees in Klev.

  • Photographer: Hemma på Klev

  • Photographer: Hemma på Klev

Hemma på Klev is a perfect venue for meetings and conferences. In the spring and autumn you can book rooms for a conference or large party in the dining room at the inn. There is enough space for 30 people and another 20 in the more rustic licensed premises in the wing building. The open fireplace will keep you warm on cooler days or evenings.

An inn with traditions

The Ätradalsleden has always been a natural path between the coast and inland, which provided good custom for Klevs Gästgiveri. Take a walk along the Klevaberg nature trail and admire the beautiful valley of Ätradalen from above. The old country shop has been preserved on the side of the inn, alongside the Mårdaklev local history museum.

Contact information

Hemma på Klevs

Klevs Gästgivaregård 1

512 62 Mårdaklev

Phone: +46706052264

E-mail: info@hemmapaklev.se

Website: hemmapaklev.se