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Photographer: Roy Johansson

Getting here by train

Relax and take the train to Trollhättan and Vänersborg. You can reach both cities directly from other cities like Gothenburg, Oslo and Karlstad, with several departures every day. You can also easily get here from Stockholm either via Gothenburg or Herrljunga.

Both Trollhättan and Vänersborg have good train connections with other places in west Sweden and also to other parts of Sweden as well. Here are a few examples how to get here from other cities. 

From Gothenburg
It is very easy to get here from Sweden's second largest city; Gothenburg. There are several direct trains daily and it takes only 35-50 minutes. The line is operated by both SJ and the local company Västtrafik.

From Landvetter Airport
If you arrive by plane at Landvetter Airport outside of Gothenburg you can take the Airport bus into Gothenburg and then take the train to Trollhättan or Vänersborg. It takes about 30 minutes to go from the airport to Gothenburg and then the train ride takes about 35-50 minutes.

From Karlstad
There are also trains going from the city of Karlstad in the northern part of Lake Vänern several times a day. If you want to travel to Vänersborg, you need to change trains in Öxnered to Vänersborg, the total travel time is a little bit more than two hours. If you want to travel to Trollhättan you don't need to change trains and the direct trip takes about two hours.

From Stockholm
You can get here from the capital of Sweden in little more than four hours. During the journey you often only need to make one change of train and there are many departures to choose from. A trip to Trollhättan takes about four hours and to Vänersborg about 3 hours and 40 minutes to 4 hours and 30 minutes. You often go via Gothenburg or Herrljunga.

From Oslo
If you travel here from the Norwegian capital you can take the Vy-trains that go between Oslo and Gothenburg. The train stop at Trollhättan so you can reach us without needing to change trains in about three hours. If you want to go to Vänersborg you need to get off the train at Öxnered and from there take a local train to Vänersborg train station. That trip takes about three hours and 30-50 minutes.

Buying tickets

You can buy tickets online at www.sj.se for SJ, Vy and Tågab tickets for trains going to other parts of Sweden or to Oslo. For only local train and also bus traffic you can visit www.vastraffik.se to se various offers for visitors, for example there are day tickets that you can use for all travel for one or two days.

You can also buy Västtrafik and SJ tickets at Vänersbort Tourist Center that is located at the main square in Vänersborg. There is also a Västtrafik ticket office at the Trollhättan train station where you can buy tickets for Västtrafik buses and trains.

Trollhättan Train Station / Travel Center

Trollhättan train station is only a few minutes walk from central Trollhättan where you can find accommodation, restaurants and shops. From the train station and travel center you can also easily take the bus to different parts of the city such as the popular Innovatum District. There is a waiting hall, kiosk and a Västtrafik ticket office.

Vänersborg Train Station / Travel Center

Vänersborg train station is right by the city center and you can easily reach the main square just by following the Edsgatan street or walk along the canal. From the train station and travel center you are close to all the city's accommodation and sights. You can also easily take the bus from here to other parts of the city and surrounding area. There is a waiting room and a kiosk. To buy train and bus tickets, please visit the Vänersborg Tourist Center that is located at the main square.