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Photographer: Oxana Akhremova


About 5 km, medium

A relaxing hike along the calm waters and the untouched nature on Hunneberg mountain but still easy to get here by car. Follow the orange markings and walk around lake Eldmörjan, which includes three sub-lakes, Eldmörjan, Ekelundssjön and Lönesjön. Maybe you see a beaver building on its hut, an elk quenching its thirst or a fish hitting the water.

Quick facts

Length: 5 km

Time required: about 1 hour

Difficulty: medium

Terrain: nature trails, not hilly




Relaxing hike in the middle of Hunneberg

You will find Lake Eldmörjan on Hunneberg near the visitor centre Bergagården, that includes the Royal Hunt Museum, Älgens Berg. It's easy to get here by car and parking is available adjacent to the lake on the north side. Here is the perfect place to start hiking around the lake in any direction, just follow the orange markings on the trees.

The 5 km hiking trail offers a beautiful view over the lake. The trail follows the water, enters the forest and are edged by lingonberry as well as beautiful streams. Take your time and enjoy the tranquillity accompanied by chirping birds.

The trail is not hilly, but with large roots and narrow footbridges, it is difficult to get around with a stroller, walker or wheelchair. On the east side of the lake there are several picturesque places for coffee breaks or barbecue. You can easily get there with a stroller, walker or wheelchair directly from the parking lots.

Photographer: Malin Karlsson

Hiking, paddling, fishing and barbecuing

Lake Eldmörjan has several activities to offer its guests. On the west side, within a short distance from the car park, there are several barbecue and seating areas, some with tables. You can also combine a hike around the lake with trying your fishing luck. According to Swedish fishing regulations you must have a fishing license for all lakes on Hunneberg, one of these is Lake Eldmörjan, so please visit the Royal Hunt Museum, Älgens Berg, to purchase your fishing license and make two exciting activities into one big pleasure.

In addition to the wonderful nature experience at the Lake Eldmörjan why not rent a canoe at the Royal Hunt Museum, Älgens Berg? You can easily take the canoe to the lake with a canoe carriage and then quietly glide across the calm water.


Fact about the trail


Around Lake Eldmörjan - 5 km

Approximate times:

1-hour non-stop hiking.


Follow the orange markings on the trees.

Level of difficulty:

Nature trails with large roots and narrow footbridges along the way. Medium difficulty. Not possible to get around with a stroller, walker or wheelchair.

Start and end:

You can start the hike wherever you want along the trail, but a good starting point is from the car park in the northern part of Lake Eldmörjan.

How to get here:

Drive towards the village of Vargön which is just outside Trollhättan and Vänersborg. From here you then follow the signs to Hunneberg, the Royal Hunt Museum, Älgens Berg, at Bergagården. Pass Bergagården's car park and continue for about 500 meters and you will be at the northern tip of the lake where there are car parks.


A digital map of the trail can be found on Google Maps.  

Contact information

Kungajaktmuseet Älgens Berg

Hunneberg 121

468 31 Vargön

Phone: +46 521 27 00 40

E-mail: museet@algensberg.com

Website: algensberg.com