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Music & event park

Vänersborgs Public Park is beautifully nestled in the greenery at the northern entrance to Vänersborg. There is an open-air dance floor and an open-air theater with about 600 seats under roof. The park facility houses toilets and a smaller serving area.

Come to the spacious Park of Dalaborg on the other side of the Dalbo Bridge from the center of Vänersborg! Many dance evenings are organized here during the spring and summer with famous dance bands. During the year, several other events are also arranged such as spring fair, Subkult, cultural festivals and more.

Keep an eye on Dalaborgsparkens webpage to see upcoming events (swedish only).


Contact information


Dalaborgsparken 3

46260 Vänersborg

Phone: +46 702 51 86 67

E-mail: Send e-mail

Website: dalaborgsparken.nu