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Fishing in Trollhättan

Try your fishing luck in Trollhättan, here are several waters to choose from

In Trollhättan there is a lot of fishing waters to choose from, the Göta river goes straight through our area, providing several good places for fishing either in the northern or southern part of the river. There is also the popular fishing and bathing lakes of Öresjö just outside Trollhättan and Liperedssjön at Sjuntorp. Trollhättan also offers salmon fishing in the beautiful nature of Älvrummet.

Fishing in the northern part of Göta river

The northern section of the Göta river stretches from the power station in Vargön in the north down to the three bridges in the city center of Trollhättan (Strömkarlsbron-Malgöbron-Klaffbron). Here you can catch pike, perch, pike-perch and trout. The fishing area of the northern part of Göta river includes the Karls grav canal between Gropbron bridge and Brinkebergskulle lock. Map over northern Göta river. 

When fishing be aware that the boat traffic in the river can create waves that goes all the way to the shore. It is not allowed to fish from the bridges in Trollhättan and Vänersborg or in the Brinkebergskulle lock or from the power station in Vargön. 

A maximum of two Salmonids (salmon-like fish) per day is allowed. Salmonids like salmon and brown trout if caught must be reported within two days to Fiskeshopen in central Trollhättan at +46(0)520-361 15. Minimum Dimensions Salmon: 60 cm, Brown Trout: 60 cm, Zander (pike-perch): 45 cm. 

Fishing in the southern part of Göta river

The southern part of Göta river begins at the suspension bridge in the nature reserve Älvrummet and ends at Holmebryggan just south of the Trollhättan locks area. Here you can catch pike, perch, zander, burbot, eel and a number of different carp fishes. There is also a chance to catch salmon and brown trout during late summer and early autumn. Map over southern Göta river.

Salmonids (salmon-like fish) like salmon and brown trout if caught must be reported within two days to Fiskeshopen in central Trollhättan at +46(0)520-361 15. Minimum Dimensions Salmon: 50 cm, Brown Trout: 50 cm, Zander(pike-perch): 45 cm. Biological recovery period: 15/10-31/3. 

Fishing in lake Liperedssjön

Lipered is located approximately 10 kilometers south of Trollhättan by the town of Sjuntorp. Lipered is three smaller lakes that offers fishing of pike, perch, eel, common roach, common bleak and tench. The northern part of the Liperedssjön lake is closed off from fishing. Map over Lipered. 

Trollhättan's salmon fishing

In the area between the Oscar bridge (Oskarsbron) and the suspension bridge in Älvrummet you will find Trollhättan's popular salmon fishing.

Fishing season April 1st - October 14th.
Fishing hours
1/4 - 31/8: 5 am to 11 pm. 
1/9 - 14/10: 5 am to 9 pm.  

Rules for Trollhättan salmon fishing

- Age limit 16 years
- Life jackets must be worn while fishing
- Not allowed to use braided lines or gaff
- Maximum allowed hook size between tip and handle: single hook: 15 mm, double and triple hook 10 mm
- Snagged fish must immediately be released back into the water.
- No caught fish can be sold
- Wild salmon, with fat fins, must unconditionally be released 1/9 - 14/10.
- The fishing permit is personal and you should always be brought along and shown upon request
- Fishing should not be done from only one place - the fisher has to give room to other fishers.
- Minimum size: Salmon 50 cm, Brown Trout: 45 cm, Zander (pike-perch) 45 cm. 
- You may only catch a maximum of two Salmonids (salmon-like)  fish  per day. 
- Only one hand-held fishing-rod permitted
- Directions given by fishing guards and by Vattenfall’s staff has to be followed 

Reporting of any catch is mandatory for all kinds of salmon as well as pike-perch. A report has to be made to Fiskeshopen at the latest 48 hours after the fish has been caught. Please indicate species, length, method, bait, adipose fin yes/no and date of catch.

Fishing permit

Sale of Fishing Permits and Reporting
Storgatan 29
461 30 Trollhättan
Tel: +46 520 361 15

All of the above fishing waters except Trollhättan salmon fishing are included in the Sportfiskarna Trollhättan-Vänersborg fishing permit, which is available for sale at Trollhättan Tourist Information Office at the Drottningtorget Square and Fiskeshopen at Storgatan in central Trollhättan. At Fiskeshopen you can also buy fishing equipment and get more information about the fishing waters of Trollhättan.

The Fishing permit for Göta river, Öresjö and Lipered costs 60 SEK for a day permit and 120 SEK for a week permit. 

Fishing permit for Trollhättan salmon fishing can be purchased at Fiskeshopen in central Trollhättan and at the Tourist Information Center. The one-day permit cost 100 SEK. 

Fishing in Lake Öresjö

Five kilometers west of Trollhättan is Lake Öresjö, which offers untouched nature, high water quality and of course, good fishing. Here you can get for example pike, perch, roach, ruffe and common bream. It is important to keep in mind that the crayfish in Lake Öresjö is threathend by crayfish plauge, therefore fishing gear and boats must be dry before they are put in the lake. 

Read more about fishing in Lake Öresjö and buy fishing permits at the ifiske.se site

Contact information

Sportfiskarna Trollhättan Vänersborg


Phone: +46 0733770351

E-mail: ordf@sportfiskarna.net

Website: sportfiskarna.net