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Like a library - for sport equipment!

The leisure bank is like a library stocked with sports and leisure items where you can borrow equipment for an active leisure time. Fritidsbanken Trollhättan is located at Storgatan 27, a beach flag is usually at the entrance.

Here you can easily borrow all types of sports equipment, much like when you borrow from a library. You borrow for free up to 14 days. Fritidsbanken has life jackets, skis, snowboards, boots, soccer shoes, ice skates, inline skates, golf equipment, bicycles, helmets, balls, and much more.

Fritidsbanken gratefully accepts sports equipment (not clothes). Look through your storage and closets, maybe you have shoes, ski boots, skis, boots, bicycles and other things that you no longer use but could make someone else happy?

Using Fritidsbanken is smart for both your wallet and the environment! Welcome.

Opening hours: 

Monday - Friday: 8:30-16:00 

Contact information

Fritidsbanken Trollhättan

Storgatan 27

461 30 Trollhättan

Phone: +46 72 560 76 91

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