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Motorhome parking in Trollhättan Locks area

Motorhome parking near the beautiful Locks area in Trollhättan

Bring your motorhome to the beautiful and popular Locks area in Trollhättan. Here at the end of Åkerssjövägen road is a motorhome parking area with access to water, electricity and waste water and chemical toilet discharge.

The parking area has room for 21 motorhomes and is in an excellent location, in close proximity to the locks as well as the Innovatum District in Trollhättan, and only 2 kilometers from the waterfalls in Trollhättan. There is also parking for cars nearby. The motorhome parking offers electricity all year round and water and waste water and chemical toilet discharge during spring, summer and autumn.

Price: 25 SEK/hour with a 24-hour max charge of 225 SEK starting from 12:00 every day. For example if you arrive at 11:00 AM you have to pay 25 SEK for the hour between 11:00 - 12:00. Then after that it will cost 25 SEK per hour until a max charge of 225 SEK that will be valid until 11:59 the next day, and from there a new charge of 25 SEK per hour will start until you reach 225 SEK. 

Check-in and check-out with your card and payment during check-out. Next to the motorhome parking is a regular paring area for cars.

Between November 1st and April 15th the water and waste water and chemical toilet discharge are switched off due to the risk of freezing. 

It is not possible to book a space in advance.

Contact information


Åkerssjövägen 50

46153 Trollhättan