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Photographer: Ateljé Clas

Parking in Vänersborg

Find parking spots in central Vänersborg

Vänersborg is a city with good parking, whether for a short time or long-term parking.


Free parking in Vänersborg

In central Vänersborg you can park for free. There are no parking fees, instead you need to use a parking disc (P-skiva) to show at what time you parked on certain short-stay parking spots. 

Here you can download an overview of parking areas in central Vänersborg.

Parking disc (P-skiva)

In the central parts of Vänersborg, where the allowed parking time is limited to 1-4 hours, you need to use a parking disc, this is always shown with a sign. You set the arrival time on the parking disc and the car can stay parked there for the amount of time shown on the sign (1-4 tim, in Swedish).

You can buy a parking disc in most stores in Vänersborg as well as at the Vänersborg Tourist Center

Contact information

Vänersborgs kommun

Sundsgatan 29

462 85 Vänersborg

Phone: +46 521 72 10 00

E-mail: kommun@vanersborg.se

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