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Photographer: Ellinore Wagnervik

Sculpture Park at Restad Gård

A fantastic sculpture park by the Göta River

In the Restad Gård area, there are several fine sculptures to view regardless of the weather.

The 50-hectare big park at the former mental hospital in the Restad area is nowadays in the process of development and refurbishment. Thanks to its size and beautiful location next to the Göta River, the place is already a popular recreational area.

For the last several years, a sculpture park has been created here with works by internationally renowned artists. The sculptural works are designed to arouse interest and reflection, create energy and enhance the overall experience of the area to form an attraction in Vänersborg and Västra Götaland.

The sculptures are selected in cooperation with Peter Lennby and the foundation Sculpture in Pilane on Tjörn.

Contact information

Skulpturparken Restad Gård

Dr Hehrnes väg 1

462 54 Vänersborg

Phone: +46 521 699 65

E-mail: boka@hotellhehrne.se