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Skrotnisse's Playground

Large playground in the middle of beautiful Spikön island in central Trollhättan

Welcome to Skrotnisse's own playground in Trollhättan. The playground is in the middle of the beautiful island of Spikön, surrounded by the waters of Göta river.

Skrotnisse and Trollhättan

"Skrotnisse and his friends" was a Swedish television series premiered in autumn of 1985. The creators of Skrotnisse, Jan Lööf and Lars-Åke Kylén was born just outside of Trollhättan and the city where the story takes place is inspired by Trollhättan. 

The Playground

Skrotnisse's Playground is 1300 square meters and is made up of Skrotnisse's cabin and workshop. There is also a tree house, a maze, the boat Balder and a hangar with a hybrid of a car and a plane. 

Spikön (Nail Island)

Skrotnisse's Playground is located on Spikön, Trollhättan's most popular island in the middle of the Göta river that flows through the city. Here you will find, besides the playground, beautiful nature and a guest harbor. 

Contact information

Skrotnisses lekplats


461 30 Trollhättan

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