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Photographer: Ellinore Wagnervik

Path of Health in Vänersborg

Hiking in a varied environment in central Vänersborg

Hälsans Stig (Path of Health) or Slí na Sláinte is an initiative with the aim to encourage and increase the number of people walking. In Vänersborg The Path of Health is 7 kilometers long and goes by many popular sights in the city center.

Path of Health in Vänersborg takes you on a lovely walk in a varied environment in central Vänersborg, along the waters of Lake Vänern and interesting places of interest.

The trail passes by Vänersborg travel center, Residenset, Skräckle Park by Lake Vänern, Arena Vänersborg and many more popular places in Vänersborg. The path takes you along the waters of Vassbotten and along the coast of Lake Vänern close to the city center. 

Here you can download a digital version of the map.

Contact information

Vänersborgs kommun

Södergatan 16 A

462 85 Vänersborg

Phone: +46 0521 72 10 00

E-mail: kommun@vanersborg.se

Website: vanersborg.se/