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Vänersborg is the regional capital located at the southern tip of Lake Vänern. With its approximately 39,000 residents, it is small enough to retain its small-town charm yet large enough to offer a rich variety of amenities. The strategic location at the southern tip of Lake Vänern was crucial for the city's establishment and birth in 1644.

About Vänersborg

Throughout its history, Vänersborg and Lake Vänern have been closely connected, often earning the city the nickname "Little Paris" for its cultural and music scene. Vänersborg emerged from the town of Brätte when Gustav Vasa recognized the value of a fortified city on Huvudnäsön, and in 1640, the residents of Brätte relocated to Vänersborg. Since then, Vänersborg has become an important port for Lake Vänern traffic and the starting point for the Göta River, which flows all the way to Gothenburg and the western sea.

Today, Vänersborg is a city that offers its residents and visitors a rich cultural life, and the proximity to Lake Vänern and the Halle- and Hunneberg Eco Park means that the tranquility of nature is never far away. You can read more about Vänersborg and its attractions here.

There is always something happening in Vänersborg, and throughout the year, you can experience both large and small events in the city. A couple of highlights during the year include the Aqua Blå festival in early June and the well-known October Market in October. The city has a rich cultural scene with exhibitions, concerts, and theatrical performances to enjoy throughout town. See what's happening in Vänersborg here.

Vänersborg Municipality also includes Brålanda, Frändefors, Gestad, Sundals-Ryr, Vassända-Naglum, Väne-Ryr, Vänersnäs, and Västra Tunhem.

Vänersborg Municipality Building

The municipal building in Vänersborg is located at Sundsgatan 29 in the city center. You can find current opening hours on Vänersborg Municipality's website. Here, you will find the municipality's administrations and services, and you can turn here if you have questions about the municipality's work and if you, as a resident of the municipality, need assistance with its services.


Contact information

Vänersborgs kommun

Sundsgatan 29

462 85 Vänersborg

Phone: +46 521 72 10 00

E-mail: kommun@vanersborg.se

Website: vanersborg.se/