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The Water Power Playground

Playground with a 15 long wooden whale in beautiful surroundings

Welcome to a perfect place for play and a family picnic in the middle of the Fall- and Locks area of Trollhättan. The whale at Insikten is 15 meters long and full of fun for both younger and older children and brings out the explorer in all of us.

Relax and have fun with the whale at Insikten

In the middle of the Fall- and Locks area of Trollhättan is an exciting playground that is also a great place for a picnic and rest your feet while exploring the area. The playground is located close to the three popular sights of Trollhättan; the Waterfalls, Locks area and the Innovatum District. 

The biggest feature of the playground is the 15 meters long wooden whale. The whale has a slide, climbing opportunities  and much more. Nearby there is also a  observation tower from which you will get a great view of the Göta river and beautiful nature area Älvrummet. 

Here you can also play with water with inspiration from the Trollhätte Canalpark. Here you can find streams, locks, gates and pumps.

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