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  • Photographer: Roy Johansson

How to get to Trollhättan Vänersborg

Fast and easy! Whether you want to come here by car, boat, bus, train or by airplane, it is easy to get here.


Getting here by car

European road 45 (E45) passes through our area from Gothenburg in the south to Karlstad in the north. Also Road 44 (Rv44) goes west towards Uddevalla and east towards Lidköping. Being close to the Swedish west coast, the largest lake in Sweden; Lake Vänern and major cities such as Gothenburg and Karlstad makes our destination easy to get to but also a good base to explore other parts of West Sweden. 

Getting here with a motorhome or caravan

If you are coming to Trollhättan and Vänersborg with a motorhome or a caravan there are several beautifully located places in our area where you can set up. In Trollhättan there is a motorhome parking close to the popular Locks area. In Vänersborg you can park your motorhome by the Marina located close by the city center of Vänersborg. If you are looking for something a little more simplistic there are motorhome and caravan parking on Engelbrekt Farm just six kilometers outside Trollhättan. 

If you are looking for a campsite there are three good options to choose from. Ursands Resort and Camping about four kilometers north of Vänersborg by Lake Vänern, Stenrösets Camping about five kilometers south of Trollhättan and Trollhättan's Camping City near the city center of Trollhättan. 

Getting here by boat

Trollhättan and Vänersborg are easily accessible by boat as the Göta älv river passes right through our area from Gothenburg to Lake Vänern, Sweden's largest lake. In the area there are several good guest harbors to choose from, two of them right next to the city centers of Trollhättan and Vänersborg. You can find out more about our guest harbors here. 

When travelling the Göta älv river you pass by several lock areas in Lilla Edet, Trollhättan and Vänersborg. All locks and bridges are operated under TV serveillance so you just have to place yourself in front of the lock gates or bridge and wait for it to open. It is important to remember that the part of the river between Lilla Edet and Gropbron (Vänersborg) is open for pleasure boats only between 9.00 am to 7.00 pm. Payment for the passage of all locks takes place in Trollhättan Kanalcentral by the lower locks on the way towards Lilla Edet. The fee must be paid by credit card. More information about travelling on Göta älv river and in the locks here. 

Getting here by train or bus

In our area there are three train stations, one in Trollhättan, one in Vänersborg and one in Öxnered. You reach us by train in about 45 minutes from Gothenburg, five hours from Stockholm, three hours from Oslo and six hours from Copenhagen. 

The train stations in Trollhättan and Vänersborg are within walking distance from the city centers. When visiting Trollhättan and you want to reach the popular Innovatum area where for example the Saab Car Museum is located, you can take bus 21 from the train station towards "Skoftebyn". Get off the bus at the "Innovatum" stop, the journey only takes about six minutes. 

Västtrafik is the local bus and train company 

Getting here by plane

The area has its own airport; Trollhättan Vänersborg Airport, located just outside Trollhättan. Here flights towards Bromma, Stockholm takes off every day of the week. The airport offers free parking in an illuminated parking lot right outside the door. Food and drinks are also available inside the building. 

If you are arriving from Landvetter Airport, Gothenburg, you must first take the airport bus to the Gothenburg Nils Ericson terminal. From there you can easily take the train to Trollhättan and Vänersborg that departs daily, several times throughout the day.